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The Evolution of Technology & Its Impact on the Development of Social Businesses

THE EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY & Its Impact on the Development of Social Businesses We are still children, but we can pout to get what we want. We are babies. Like teenagers, we now have some control but don't know what to do with it yet. We are still children. We are growing up, and feeling pretty cool about it. 2000s Welcome to adulthood! 1960s 1970s 2010s Technology has little impact. It is a curiosity. Technology is for academics and has little impact. 1980s Technology becomes fully intergrated into our daily lives. We live more fully in a digital world. 1990s Technology enables more seemless communications across the globe. Growth is explosive, but like "explosions" is uncontrolled - all over the place. Technology invades the home and starts to change behaviors. The company is king, but a benevolent king. Good focus on customer satisfaction, but customers have few options. Technology is now everywhere. A great leap forward. It begins to connect us around the globe. Greater focus on margins and revenue. Customers become concerned about monopolies as customer satisfaction has less importance. Social Businesses are the evolution of Customers become increasingly concerned about company companies now keenly aware that how they act and how they engage with customers can be more important than price, that the relationship is part of the value. Companies allow greater transparency into all apsects of the company and use social media channels to effectively engage with practices and lack of customer satisfaction. Communications e-Commerce helps give customers a greater and more Communications makes Social Media allows customers to global business difficult so informed range of decisions. Companies use the web to make themselves more accessible but articulate their satisfaction with have improved to help customers make more informed decisions customers make companies on the company's behavior, not just on price alone. Companies begin to react and change. make de ons based geographic-based decisions. and to have better choices. haven't begun truly focusing on customer relationships. customers, but with a focus on WHAT the customer wants and HOW best to deliver it to the customer.

The Evolution of Technology & Its Impact on the Development of Social Businesses

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Are you feeling particularly empowered as a customer or consumer these days? You should! The evolution of technology over the last five decades has fundamentally shifted the position of the customer a...




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