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Evolution Of Smartwatches With Time

XII MART WATCH HISTORY OF TIMEKEEPING 150 BC 2000 BC 7th CENTURY The clepsammia or sand-glass was invented at The Ancient Egyptians used large obelisks to calculate time by tracking the Sun's The egyptians invented the sundial clock. It relies on sun's shadows to show Alexandria time in day hours. movement. TOPGIZMO ELECTRONIC INVENTIONS The first Mechanical Clock was invented in Europe, employing the verge escapement mechanism with a foliot or balance wheel timekeeper. 12 75 The Pocket Watch with mainspring mechanism was invented by Peter Henlein. He is called "The father of modern clock". 1504 1657 The first Balance Spring watch was invented by Robert Hooke and Christiaan Huygens. Watch with Lever Escapement was invented by Thomas Mudge. 17 59 TOPGIZMO The world's First Wristwatch was invented by Patek Philippe. 18 68 Rolex wristwatch is the world's first watch to receive certification as a Chronometer. Also, they invented the first waterproof watch named Oyster in 1926. 19 10 The first successful Self-Winding Watch was invented by John Harwood 1923 The world's first Intelligent Watch was introduced. It was called Wristlet Route Indicator. Worth about £5, it eased the way humans worked with giant maps. 1927 1979 - First thinnest watch Ebauches SA of Switzerland made a quartz analog watch with solid gold. It was 1.98 mm in thickness. At $4400, and quartz crystal time reference, it was called Concord Delirium I. EXPERIME TATION The first electric powered watch popularly called the "Electric Watch" was invented. 1957 Quartz Watch was a revolutionary in watch technology. 1969 The first Digital Watch, Pulsar was manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company. Casio invented the first 1972 Calculator Watch with notable buttons. 1980 Junghans offered the world's first Radio Controlled Wristwatch. Steve Mann invented the world's first Linux Wristwatch. 1990 He is called "The father of wearable computing" 1982: Seiko TV Watch This watch needed an adapter and a receiver box to show grainy video in ten shades of grey. It was about £500 and was worn by James Bond in the movie Octopussy. 1998 SMART EVOLUTION OPGIZ Samsung introduced the world's first Watch Phone, SPH-WP10 with antenna, LCD screen, 90-minutes talk time, Speaker & Microphone. Microsoft gave SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) i smartwatch to personalize gadgets Fossil releases their Wrist PDA 2.0. It uses Palm OS operating system. It is worth $200 and definitely a watch for geeks. with monochrome pixel screen. The LG-GD910 is made of 4:06PM waterproof metal case, and curved glass face. It features camera, video 9:30 11/ call, and 15 preloaded languages without English. 1999 2004 2005 Growing at CAGR of 67.6% 2009 Global smart watch research expected to reach $32.9 Billion 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 by 2020 2010 Sony Ericsson unveiled the LiveView Watch. This light- Apple ipod Nano & HEX BlackBerry OS powered inPulse is launched by Watch band was intoduced. weight watch was the first This watch includes creative Allerta. It is a new Waterloo-based start-up, focused on intelligent smartphone accessories, and works with BlackBerry Smartphone for notification. features like media players, full color video displays, and Android iteration with bluetooth API. This watch displays RSS news feeds, SMS and Social Messages. It can function only with mobile bluetooth connection. GPS receivers. The iPod Nano's small size lent itself to being turned into a fancy wristwatch. 2011 402 Wimm One is released as Motorola launches the MOTOACTV Smarwatch, powered by Android. the first Android powered watch. 2012 2013 Sony replaces the LiveView with the Sony Watch. Pebble's first smartwatch broke the Kickstarter records. The list of smartwatch manufactures from 2014 include: Acer, apple, BlackBerry, Foxconn, Google, LG, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. 2015 Apple launched a new collection of Apple Watch in a collaboration with Hermès. It was named as Apple Watch Hermès. 2016 - LEADING SMART WATCH MANUFACTURERS The Apple Watch is one of the best selling wearable de- vices. It is available in different combinations of cases. The wireless connectivity with iPhone includes calling and texting. Pebble time steel is known for it stunning metal looks. It has 10 days of battery life, which is longer than any other current smartwatch. Samsung Gear 2 is trending for its style, changable strap, smooth communication, large screen and lots of Fitness apps. 12:45 TOPGIZMO Moto 360 second generation is sleeker, smarter, and more customizable with classic round dial. Its is designed for it effortless updates, faces and apps. TAG Heuer Connected is built on the latest release of Android Wear with thousands of apps at the Google Play store. It is also iOS compatible. LG's smart watch has access to new features like Wi-Fi, Android Wear's software interface and draw emoji to friends. In the future, smartwatch will be the ultimate gadget to replace the mobile technology. Features like voice calling and video calling will be done through smart watch. The battery life will be advanced with responsive screen size, security, connectivity, application speed and OS compatibility. 2017 FUTURE OF WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY www.TOPGIZMO.COM TOPGIZMO With Reference to -,,,,. ---------------- EVOLUTION XI KTWY

Evolution Of Smartwatches With Time

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A timeline of Smartwatch from 1927 to till today and future.






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