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Evolution of Shopping - SeeMore Interactive

FROM TRADE TO MCOMMERCE EVOLUTION OFSHOPPING .. . ...... ..... . Shopping has existed in some form or another for just about as long as humankind has been around. We've gone from thumbing our way through mail-order catalogs to making purchases at the click of a button. Our buying habits evolve as technology advances. READY TO DO A LITTLE SHOPPING? LET'S GO! WHERE WE SHOPPED BAZAARS BAZAARS WERE THE PRECURSOR TO MODERN DAY SUPERMARKETS, FLEA MARKETS AND SHOPPING MALL's. 100-110 AD 1455-1456 Trajan's Market This Roman bazaar is thought to be the world's oldest shopping center & an ancient ancestor to the modern shopping mall. Grand Bazaar of Istanbul Built This Turkish bazaar remains one of the largest covered shopping centers in the world. 250,000 - 400,000 visitors per day 26,000+ 3,000+ SHOPS EMPLOYEES =150 =800 GROLERIES MARDWARE GENERAL STORES MID-LATE 19TH CENTURY General Stores General stores served as central gathering points for townspeople & farmers in need of items like hardware, bulk food, clothing & seed for planting. During the mid- to late 19th century, general stores were typically the first business establishments constructed in a town. CATALOGS By the late 1800s, more than half of the American population lived in rural areas & traveling to markets located in city centers posed a challenge. Retailers found a new way to bring their goods to customers in rural & urban areas alike. Enter the mail-order catalog. 1872 1888 Montgomery Ward Catalog 1st Printing The first catalog in August 1872 consisted of an 8 by 12 in. single-sheet price list, showing 163 articles for sale with ordering instructions. Sears Roebuck Catalog 1st Printing SR MW 322 pages 1894 532 pages 1895 32 pages 1874 152 pages 1876 1,810 pages 1965 1,000 pages 1897 Montgomery Ward Annual Sales 1897: $ 1910: $$: 1920: $$$$$$$$$$ $500,000,000 Annual American mail-order sales in 1919 (roughly half went to Montgomery Ward & Sears) $=10,000,00O USD MALLS Improvements in highway systems, urban sprawl & the popularity of the automobile led to the dispersion of retail shopping away from city centers, as well as the rise of strip malls & shopping malls. 1950s Late 80s - Early 90s 1998 First Fully Enclosed Mall Built 60 Malls On Average Built Annually 30 Malls On Average Built Annually 80.00 MINUTES $75 Average length of mall shopper visit 48.51 HOUR5 Amount spent on average mall visit Average time a woman spends window-shopping each year HOW WE SHOP NOW THE INTERNE,T WITH EVER-INCREASING ACCESS TO THE INTERNET, E-COMMERCE TOOK THE RETAIL INDUSTRY BY STORM BEGINNING IN THE 1990S. 1995 2005 2010 Netscape Develops SSL Secure Sockets Layer encryption was developed, making it safer to conduct financial transactions, like credit card payments, online. The same year, eBay is founded. Etsy Launches Capitalizing on the tradition of open craft fairs, Etsy takes the experience online, offering sellers personal storefronts where they can list their goods for a nominal fee. Warby Parker Launches Online glasses retailer Warby Parker comes on the scene providing a novel alternative to what had long been a very traditional retail experience, shopping for eyeglasses. eBay combines old-world bartering & haggling systems with new-world e-commerce, soaring to success as the first online auction site. Warby Parker Glasses distributed to people in need :5,000 2011 $2,457 amount of goods traded each second on eBay $147,420 2012 per minute! The mobile commerce market percentage that eBay and Amazon account for: 70% 5,400 , 000 $23, 750,000 unique eBay mobile users each month 2012 Annual Sales WHERE WE'RE GOING More than half of American mobile phone users have smartphones. MOBILE & BEYOND Retailers must find new & novel ways to More than engage consumers by bridging the gap 50% between their mobile, in-store & web experiences. One third 2 out of 3 Shoppers made at least one purchase on a mobile device within the past 6 months. Shoppers use at least one device to research & purchase while shopping. 56% 42% 46% 62% shoppers who search for deals people who believe mobile can make the shopping experience more enjoyable consumers using mobile phone to look up prices on a store's mobile site consumers using mobile phone to check inventory prior to shopping digitally for at least half of their shopping trips TM SEEMETE interactive SOURCES http://www.newworldencyclopediaorg/entry/Bazaar rcent-of-the-moommerce-market-panelist http://enwikipediaorg/wk/Etsy http://seducedbyhistory.blogspotcom/201/OB/montgomery-ward-catalog.html http://www.mallofamericacom/about/moa/facts

Evolution of Shopping - SeeMore Interactive

shared by seemoreinteractive on Jun 12
Seemore integrates augmented reality, image recognition, recommendation engine and location-based technologies to produce a unique shopping experience.


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