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The Evolution of Mobile Innovation

THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE INNOVATION. 0000000.. CARPHONE (BELL SYSTEM) 1946 80 pounds (36 kg) x 324 .....:: That's roughly 324 iPhones! Service cost $30 a month (roughly $330 today) 1971 AT & T SUBMITS PROPOSAL FOR CELLULAR PHONE SERVICE BEFORE THE FCC Even though the first cell phone wouldn't be be demonstrated for another 2 years! 1973 THE FIRST HANDHELD CELL PHONE (MOTOROLA) The handset weighed 2.2 pounds. It wouldn't be commercially available until 1983. 1989 MICROTAC 9800X (MOTOROLA) The first truly portable "pocket" mobile phone. BELLSOUTH/IBM SIMON PERSONAL COMMUNICATOR 1993 The first phone/PDA combine. At $1099, it sold approximately $1099 50,000 units during the product's six months on the market. TEXTING VIA SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE (SMS) IS LAUNCHED! 1994 1996 THE YEAR OF "MOVIE" PHONES STARTAC (MOTOROLA) Inspired by the Star Trek communicator, it was the first clamshell, "flip phone" mobile phone. It was initially sold at $1000, and sold about 60 million units. $1099 Its less popular cousin, the StarTAC Rainbow, was described as "dipped in rainbow flavoured vomit for no apparent reason." NOKIA 8110 The famous phone from the first Matrix film, it was also nicknamed the "banana phone." 1998 MOBILE PHONE SALES OUTPACE CAR AND PC SALES COMBINED! 2000 THE YEAR OF THE NOKIA 3110 GSM Considered to be one of the best selling mobile phones of all time. Often referred to as "indestructible" Had Snake II! 2001 ERICSSON T39 The first phone with Bluetooth capability. SANYO SCP 5300 2002 The first camera phone! THE YEAR OF BIG UPS, AND BIG DOWNS 2003 E NOKIA NGAGE Nokia's answer to Gameboy was one of the worst selling mobile phones of all time. It was known for its bulky and ugly interface. Only sold 3 million in 3 years O BLACKBERRY 7230 The first BlackBerry burst onto the scene as the epitome of cool business tech. CB It began the "CrackBerry" revolution. 2004 NEW STYLES AND NEW TRENDS (AND FAILURES) oi MOTOROLA RAZR SIEMENS PENPHONE NOKIA 7280 The bestselling flip phone of all time. It started the sleek, super thin phone trend. This cell phone came in the shape of a pen, but even it's handwriting recognition This phone ditched a keypad and went for a "NaviSpinner" dial instead. It failed. feature couldn't redeem this design failure. O IPHONE (APPLE INC) 2007 The first smartphone to have an advanced AND it's own operating system (ios) It revolutionized the smartphone market! 2008 GOOGLE ANDROID The first Android phone strove to mimic the iPhone elegance, but in contrast to the iPhone, focused on user personalization. WHAT'S NEXT? Sapphire Glass screen Faster and more AB efficient A8 chip Larger screen Curved display Heavy focus on health-related IPHONE 6 RUMORS TracKS Blood pressure Hydration Heart rate Glucose levels Corning Gorilla Glass Protection 5.9 in screen display A Up to 128GB storage 13 Megapixel OIS camera NEXUS 6 RUMORS Z Larger display Fingerprint scanner screen Dust and P67 waterproof 16 megapixels SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 RUMORS Increased battery Life SOURCES 40220/googleneus├│specsfeaturesreleasedate.hem.UwblvldWT4 Admits_Failure_to_Become_Maker_of_Game_Consoles.html

The Evolution of Mobile Innovation

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Over time, there have been hundreds of different mobile phone designs and styles. Go through a timeline on the evolution of mobile innovation with fun facts about expired phones and possible upcoming devices.


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