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The Evolution Of Mobile Era

42 YEARS AGO AS OF TODAY NEXT 2 YEARS... MOBILES & MODERN DAY BUSINESSES CELL PHONE ACTIVITIES THE 5 Billion People Will Use The % of cell phone owners who 26% Corporate Information Handling Through Smart Handheld Devices In The Next 2 Years: Expected Growth of Smartphone & Tablet Production In Future: of American adults First Cell Phone 34% Mobile Phones USA143million use their cell phone to... own an e-reader. smartphones and 71 million tablets are in use. by 2017 worldwide: Call: of businesses tend to The leading platforms used for SMARTPHONES US: 3% 40% 53% 82% 80% Budgets & hire third party mobile app developers. in the 91% Worldwide Email Forecasts SMARTPHONE in 2years Send or receive text DESIGNED BY in 2 years Take a picture 31% now now messages BlackBery iPhone 84% 100% 34% 66% EVOLUTION OF MOBILE American adults have a cell phone, along of American teenagers aging between 12 to 17. ANDROID 601M Look for health or medical information online 47% with 78% 31% kind of un 2013o 56% + 50% SurveyCrest own some Sales Workforce Status Report 93.6M units 2013 to of businesses expect to increase budgets for mobile services. 965M in 2 years in 2 years Access the internet Send or receive email describe their cell phone as "something they can't imagine living without." units 29% ERA! 1973 44% now now TABLET COMPUTER. 5,102m 2017 27% 63% 45% 75% 270 287 29% 44% North America April 3, 67% 158.1M units 2016. find themselves checking their phone for MESSAGES, ALERTS, OR CALLS even when they don't notice it ringing or vibrating. 415 472 4,306m 2013 Latin America by Martin Cooper Payroll & Benefits Info Customer Order Status Check bank account balance or do any online banking Middle-East & Africa 526 43% 671 in of adult cell owners 44% SLEEP ith their 672 Europe 728 71% now in 2years now in 2 years download Apps TABLETS Record video through Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. 33% 66% 35% 67% 2,423 2,944 of IT Executives forecast an increase in smart devices and app usage in the next 12 months. phone next to their bed. Asia-Pacific %24

The Evolution Of Mobile Era

shared by surveycrest on Apr 01
A chronology of the mobile from its birth in 1973 to the present. The mobile phone has become an indispensible tool for everyone, and this infographic shows how it has evolved over the years.




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