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The Evolution of Infographics

THE EVOLUTION OF INFOGRAPHICS PRE 1700S: THE BIRTH OF MAPS, MEASUREMENT AND GRAPHICS Proto Bar Graph: Oldest known map: 6200 BC ENT Nicole Oresme 1350 ERS VOTINA CHART RAPI. gei. afalali TEAM La Natonier's Geomagentic map: 1603 "Tres Epistolae": Scheiner 1623 1700S: THE BIRTH OF CHARTS Time series chart: Historical timeline: IAho Line Lambert 1779 Joseph Priestley 1765 CHAR RAPI. SChart of 201. Bar chart: William Line chart: William Playfair 1786 Playfair 1786 1800S: GROWTH OF CHARTS AND VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES Choropleth map: Dupin 1826 Pie chart: William Playfair 1801 CHART RAPI. trican Earopesa Bubble chart: zyeevy Sge:Mir driate Playfair 1801 520 Tableau graphique: Minard 1844 2010 Physical Atlas: Cross Sectional Diagrams 1838 Polar-area charts: Guerry 1829 1850S: GOLDEN AGE OF DATA VISUALIZATION Tree maps: Walker 1874 Stacked area charts: Minard 1866 DERS VOTING ARD CHART RAPI gei. Rocm dtipn Map Bubble chart: 1859 Minard Flow chart: Minard 1869 1850S+: GOLDEN AGE OF DATA VISUALIZATION CONTINUED 3D charts: Timetables: Perozzo 1880 Marey 1885 ERS VOTIN "AP. TEAM-POWER. 20 OR ilude iere and mie mi Pictogram: Mulhall 1884 Movement graphics: Marey 1880 EARLY 1900S: MODERN DARK AGES Path diagram: 1920 Gantt chart: 1917 WERS VOTING Man RECORD CHART DAD ge 50 614 Sire G' Chance 20 'nt Dam 2010 ik? he anr London Underground Infographic/Isotype: Neurath 1924 map: 1933 MID 1900S: RE-BIRTH AND POPULARIZATION IN PUBLICATIONS "Varistrobe": Popular Electronics 1957 The Battle of the Atlantic: 1942 WERS VOTIN RAP. ger WAR MAP ESBeipt LS. Payaut Are Balance of Payments: Fortune Magazine 1950 American Productivity: Fortune Magazine 1946 LATE 90S - EARLY 2000S: ACCELERATION VIA COMPUTER GENERATED GRAPHICS Sunburst Network Visualization sensory Chord Diagram: astimen, 2009 activity udien motor aroces h- onse int a Flanagan 2002 Wordclouds: Dendrogram Arc Diagram 2000S: OMNIPRESENCE ON THE INTERNET Sports Who LI Marketing ERS VOTING Social Meda hus gown beyond eqpecttions over the becominga pen ofhe lesicon of evevday lite. Burwhae we all wo ses he tctemains hat ece social edia O 19658 15'590 Mandihowthee mede 4293 B'082 3247 SOCIAL MEDIA BY DEMOGRAP Division of social network users by ge Twitter Myspace Division of social network users by income 64'380 VOTES TOTAL VOES FOR ND OLS lucky facts American Incomes Are Losing Their Edge, Except at the Top Inflation-adjusted, after-tax income over time O Remove smoothing about St. Patrick's Day Have you ever wondered.. Why should I waar green? What is a leprechaun? A S people realy lucky? Is green beer sate to luck - B'gosh and Bogorrah we have the ang 2010 80 во 10th 20th 30th 40th percentie percensile percentile peroentile 1. Luck of the Ir Luxembourg Income Stucdy analysis Many St. Patrick's Day tradtions revolve aro Ironicaly, the Irish have been a very un history will tel The phrase "Luck o to the 1800s during the U.S of Irish people foun Data Journalism Click Bait PRESENT: NEW TECHNIQUES AND TOOLS FOR THE INTERNET Interactive Video INVESTMENT BANKER NK12,3 DRINK B DRINK 123 DA5 Ejection Purt Rear E umb Safaty Slide Lock Animated Infographics Recsil Spring Big Data VENNGAGE Ш killudua

The Evolution of Infographics

shared by venngage1 on Apr 30
The history of data and information visualization is both rich and fascinating. We have been trying to pass on our stories in a visual form since the first cave people learned how to draw on the walls...




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