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The Evolution of the Headphone

The Evolution of the Headphone 1890s: Music Through Your Telephone SONG MIRTH &MUSIC. The 'Electrophone' wired directly into your home from theatres & music halls Subscription: £5 / year = $5000 in today's money %3D BY WIRE TO YOUR HOME See Next Page 1920s: Made In A Kitchen "Baldy Phones 1 MILE COPPER CABLE IN EACH RECEIVER created by Nathaniel Baldwin in I First order for 100 UNITS Now Dad-Hear the tenor from US Navy g r Critan ae eer Jet den to lam u drardy a h wee phgrphie eprode A y aldy Poes d detically he ad a bey n daprg t phes elected grade of mica ed. This in mach mee Trae ethe thesandd A ef the haman vele meical itremnt y's thet p the wor ngne, with ery fality an their command tting he m Design never patented... inventor considered it JOHEN FIRTH A Co. Ie.. TRIVIAL BALDY A PHONES 1930s: A Dynamic Decade BEYERDYNAMIC DT48 Eugen Beyer Same technology 'used today 1937 2012 FIRST INVENTED FINAL PAIR SOLD 1950s: Made For Music SREOPНОМ Birth of the s KOSS SP3 PAESS BUTTON LISTENING Hits at yout finget tip STICK HEADPHONES GAVE RISE TO 'RECORD BARS' 1980s: Music Goes Mobile SONY WALKMAN 200 MILLION UNITS SOLD SONY STEREO 1/10th weight of existing headphones H-AIR MDR3 HEADPHONES SONY ALSO DEVELOPED IN-EAR HEADPHONES SONY GAUTOREVIRSI D WALKMAN 2000s: A Thousand Songs In Your Pocket APPLE İPOD CLASSIC 600 5GB MILLION UNITS SOLD Storage -1000 songs 2010s: The Fashion Statement BEATS STUDIO $3.2 BILLION Apple Paid Over 50% market share beats. by dr.dre. MMONSTER CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS Neymar P Diddy Ed Sheeran Check out the full interactive experience: Brought to you by liGo Sources HIS KITCHEN Radio News (Dee. 1920) p. 347 headphones First DY 1st headphones actually designed for music

The Evolution of the Headphone

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The infographic tells the 120 year history of Headphone evolution. The piece is split into 7 key decades, from 1890s up until the 2010s, each of which saw significant developments in the headphone...






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