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Evolution of Handheld Communication

Brentwood communications Itd A VISUAL EVOLUTION OF HANDHELD COMMUNICATION Humans have been communicating with electronic devices for nearly 100 years now, and from the first radio broadcast in 1920 they have become more diverse, more 1920 efficient and smaller. Here we chart the evolution The first public radio demonstration takes place in Melbourne, Australia of handheld communication over the years. 1923 The first portable radio was invented, and the first radio station aired 1934 Edwin Armstrong conducts first large scale field tests of FM radio technology 1940 Motorola SCR-300 invented. The first system to be named a 'walkie-talkie' 1941 Mass production of the 'handie-talkie', the Motorola SCR-536 1947 The first transistor radio is invented and demonstrated by Bell Laboratories 1951 1958 The first miniature The Motorola Motrac vehicular two-way radio is introduced transistor radio is introduced to the market 1962 The first A/M portable receiver is introduced to the market 1963 1964 The emergency broadcast system is introduced for the first time The Panasonic RJ-3 is first introduced; a small, low powered handheld radio 09:54 1964 Table and clock radios are first introduced to the market 1981 Digital radio is first pioneered CreditCard Bank 0000 0000 000 0000 1985 Sony introduces a radio the size of a credit card - the smallest radio to date 1985 The UK's first mobile phone call is made on the 1st January 1992 The first commercial SMS message in the United Kindom is sent 1993 The first professional quality walkie-talkie is introduced hello 1999 JAZZ FM The introduction of predictive text for mobile phones 1999 The first DAB radio is commercially available on the UK market 2000 NOKIA WAP browsing is introduced, allowing mobile internet access 2001 The first full colour displays are now available on mol phones 2002 The first camera phone is launched, and 'apps' are now available 3G 2003 2005 The launch of the first 3G service, allowing much faster mobile browsing The Oregon Slimline walkie talkie is introduced, just 16mm thick 2007 The first touchscreen phone is introduced to the market 2008 The Android operating system and marketplace is introduced 2009 4G 2012 The first wrist-watch phone is introduced to the market by LG The launch of the UK's first 4G service, allowing speed comparable to broadband Brentwood communications Itd MWw.Mwh

Evolution of Handheld Communication

shared by Designbysoap on Feb 01
An infographic that gives a visual history of handheld communication, charting the evolution from the first version of the radio through to the rollout of 4G.


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