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The Evolution of The GPS and How It Works

THE EVOLUTION OF THE GPS GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM and how it works Meet Reading stars, hand held maps, or follow- ing crumb paths are a thing of the past, let us all acknowledge GPS - the world's first satellite navigation system. Roger L. Easton American Scientist & principal inventor and designer of the Global Positioning System (GPS). So how does this sorcery work? GPS CONSISTS OF 3 KEY ELEMENTS: GPS has 24 satellites that circle 1 Earth, sending out radio signals from their position in high orbit to our GPS recievers There are 5 monitoring stations that send data back up to the GPS satellites. Your GPS receiver picks up signals from GPS satellites to work out your location. Evolution of the Use of GPS Technology 1972 1983 GPS was first used by US Air Force, developed by Navstar. GPS approved by US govern- ment for public use. 1994 1996 Pervasive use by US Military begins. Use by pedestrians & automo- biles. Nrty Fnta 2006 2014 Social networking GPS begins. GPS becomes standard in all| new automobiles and cellu- lar phones CREATED BY: CROW TRACKER Track your employees with GPS during their work hours, Sources: htm twork/page php?lID-5&CID-28Language=16 http://en.wikpeda org/wki/Gps#H story http://en.wikipedia org/wikiGarmin files/indvidual fies/origina 155543.OsUOSFugXK2a7RSIMrvzEYGInjpg 2]

The Evolution of The GPS and How It Works

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Take a look at how GPS has progressed over the years and see how the technology actually works. As GPS costs decrease and smart phones become more common place, GPS is poised to continue to grow. Se...


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