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The Evolution Of Engineering

THE EVOLUTION OF ENGINEERING The engineering industry isn't what it used to be. No longer exclusive to bridge building and steam engines; we're now engineers that branch into everything from cloud experts to roboticists. Here's how the discipline has evolved - from Mayans to Java - hand in hand with technology. ANCIENT TIMES This period saw everything from the Acropolis to the aqueducts built at the Civil engineering hands of ingenious civil engineers of the time. The first we know by name is Imhotep, who designed and supervised the construction of the first pyramid in Egypt. A bit of a legend, then. MECHANICAL AND We have Ancient Greece to thank for the first analog computer. The 'Antikythera mechanism' was used to predict MILITARY ENGINEERING astronomical positions and proves the solid mech-engineering of the time. Early military constructions were the ballista and catapult - the handiwork of Chinese and Roman armies. Ever heard of Al-Jazari? MIDDLE ERA Around between 1136-1206, he wrote a book filled with 50+ brilliant inventions; many of which are still used in modern mechanical engineering. The age of invention 8-15 AJ came up with the first ever water Wn-4 P-UIcp supply system, crankshafts, Be-MI a.b-c double-action suction pumps, drink-serving waitress, musical robot band and a variety of clocks. THE RENAISSANCE William Gilbert, considered the first electrical engineer, coined the term 'electricity' in his 1600 publication of De Magnete and the first steam engine was OF ENGINEERING built in 1698 by Thomas Savery, paving the way for the industrial revolution. MODERN ERA: Engineering jobs really took off in the 18th century, so the term became more The Industrial Revolution narrowly applied to roles. Chemical and electrical engineering developed in close collaboration with chemistry and physics, marine engineers tamed the dangers of oceans, aeronautic engineers created flight for the masses and industrial engineers designed and managed mass production/ distribution systems. much, then. Boom! Post World War II saw an explosion THE INFORMATION AGE of engineering research and jobs, primarily due to exciting new technologies. Rockets and turbojets propelled aeronautic engineering and atomic and nuclear power spawned nuclear engineering. But it was microelectronics, telecommunications, computers and software that really drove forward engineering during this period. The first search engine was built in 1990 by computer engineer Alan Emtage, with countless roles being created ever since. Today is definitely the digital age for

on open source or proprietary code and applications to run their business. And as the cyber criminals of the web become increasingly advanced, the demand for software engineering balloons. THE RISE OF WOMEN IN TECH Women are becoming more and more represented in all fields of engineering, with organisations like Girls Who Code and She++ connecting more aspiring female computer scientists with women mentors, and initiatives like Google's Made With Code pushing to close the gender gap. Siri, put the kettle on - we're entering the age of Al magic. And what does that mean? Red hot demand for software engineers. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Working with data scientists, engineers operating in machine learning are working towards the mammoth 'Internet of Things' (a future where everyday items are The future? connected to each other). But you can forget Hollywood's ideal of robot overlords: Al is putting humans in control, leveraging computing power to amplify our capabilities - and our careers. amsource TECHNOLOGY

The Evolution Of Engineering

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In 2016 if the phrase "engineering jobs" is discussed this can actually mean a variety of different roles including Network, Cloud, DevOps and Software engineers. Please view the following infographi...




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