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Evolution of the Desktop

EVOLUTION OF THE DESKTOP 1970s IEM 1975: The IBM 5100 The first computer to look like a modern desktop appleI QWERTY keyboard for typing Weighed around 22kg – equivalent to some airlines' checked-in bag allowance 1977: Apple II Among the first personal computers Consumer-friendly, ready-to-use system "Easily the most visionary of the early personal computers" Time Magazine Designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak One of the first models to do colour graphics and sound right out of the box 1980s ZX Spectrum Ck commadore 1982: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Ccommodore 64 Colour 'high resolution' graphics and sound Bauhaus-inspired design - slim and cool Had distinctive rubber keys 1982: Commodore 64 Advertised as being "Less than half the price of its nearest competitor - and more powerful" Bestselling PC of all time – selling 17m worldwide Popularised home computing - claimed to be 'priced for everybody' At 595 dollars - it was cheaper than rivals With 16 colours and ability to smoothly scroll graphics it popularised video games MICROSOFT WINDOWS 1985: Microsoft Windows 1.0 0OS 1984: Apple Macintosh Laid the foundation for the future of the PC The 'computer that changed everything' Apple Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said Windows Introduced 'folders that looked like folders and a would provide “unprecedented power to users today and a foundation for hardware and soft- ware advancements of the next few years" trash can for throwing things away' A mouse - to 'move things around on screen' and 'change the way they looked' Used simple clicks of a mouse to work through tasks on screens or 'windows' Most popular use was education/teaching 1990s C AMIGA iMac AMIGA 1992: Amiga 4000 Had the archetypal 1990s PC look 1998: Apple iMac Ran six times faster than its predecessor Allowed more than 262,000 colours to display Heralded a “new chapter for Apple and computers" The I' in iMac stood for 'internet' The first computer to 'do away with floppy disks' Popularised the USB port Distinctive style - translucent, egg-shaped design Contained all the workings inside the screen 200s (intel) Core 2 Duo 2006: Intel Core 2 processor Popularised processors with multiple cores Multi-core processors delivered draining power consumption power without Intel"epitomises the multicore approach" Latest 4th generation Intel Core processor offers as much as 11 hours movie playback 2010s E Windows 8 2012: Windows 8 0S Redesigned Windows OS to work with touch- screens as well as keyboard and mouse Blended the tablet and desktop experience Brought apps to our desktop PCs - more than 140,000 apps in Windows Store More than 200m licenses sold for Windows 8 lenovo 2013: Lenovo IdeaCentre A530 The desktop PC becomes the living room hub - for work and play Blends the touchscreen tablet with the traditional desktop PC Lie-flat design – tilt from -5 to 90 degrees for perfect viewing angle 23-inch screen as sharp as your full-HD TV (1920x1080p) Lets you know when you're too close to the screen Tap and swipe through on-screen apps like a tablet Power through work reports and spreadsheets with Windows 8 and Office 365 Sources:,,, Currys PC World

Evolution of the Desktop

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Evolution of the desktop infographic - Illustrations and chart a concise desktop computer timeline, highlighting some of the key desktops computers.


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