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An Evolution of Christmas Gifts: Gadget & Toys

Christmas Gifts: An Evolution of GADGETS AND TOYS A selection of the most popular Christmas presents from the 1960s to 2012, charting how far gadgets and toys have changed over the decades (and in some cases not really at all!). 1960s Hot Wheels • Etcha Sketch Hot WHeels G.L JOE fastest metal cars in the wor TALKING GLFOE ATIONAL COLLECTOR'S CATALOG BY MATT CEMMAMDER 4t JUFE-LIKE BEARE Hot Wheels 1967 introduced in Etch a Sketch introduced in 1960 Over 100 million sold worldwide Highest price paid for a Hot Wheels car was £47,000 Created by Stan Weston in 1963 Colour version was launched in 1993 First year sales were almost £6.1 million The average Hot Wheels collector has over 1,550 cars A prototype was sold in 2003 for £122,496 1970s Speak &Spell Connect Four HELLO Connect Four Pong The Driginal Vertud for-h-Boe D000000000 DO00000000 PONG "&espel First introduced in the Summer of 1978 First sold as Connect Four in 1974 The most common version is 7 columns x6 pieces high Research took 3 months with a budget of £13,000 Home Pong 1975 The TMS5100 chip was the first speech synthesizer ever made was released in The largest wooden outdoor version is 120cm in width and height Around 150,000 units were estimated to have been sold First public game of Pong resulted in a score of 11-5 1980s Rubik's Cube Cabbage Patch Dolls ZX Spectrum There is only1 correct answer and 43 quintillion wrong ones 1982 Dolls were mass produced from 1/8th of the world's 3 million dolls were sold in 1983 alone population has played with one The ZX Spectrum was released in 1982 In 1984 sales of the brand, including dolls, clothing and more reached £1,144,885 The current world record for a Over 24,000 software titles have been released single solve stands at an incredible time of 5.66 seconds! In excess of 5 million units were sold worldwide 1990s Furby Gameboy Tamagotchi Nintendo GAME BOY. The Furby was launched in 1998 Gameboy was first released in 1990 Over 40 million were sold during the three years from its original production Tetris is the best-selling game with 30.26 million First launched by Bandai in 1996 copies sold The speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages Over 76 million units sold worldwide by 2010 The Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined have sold over 118 million units worldwide 15 Tamagotchis were sold every minute in the US and Canada 2000s Buzz Lightyear iPod Zhu Zhu Pets Songs Contacts Settings Y ME ZHU ZHU HAMSTER No.1 seling toy in the UK WARNNG 2001 The iPod was The 2009 version had over 65 phrases from original voice launched in 275 million iPods were sold up to September 1st 2010 Zhu Zhu Pets launched in 2009 In May 2008 Buzz took a trip to space on the Nasa Space Shuttle Discovery They were formerly called "Go Go Hamsters" in the UK The first 5 and 10GB models held up to 1,000 songs The feature film "Quest for Zhu" went straight to DVD 2012 iPad Mini LeapPad2 LeapPad2 Explorer WiiU petbettart WijU The iPad Mini was released in November 2012 The new model features front 10 million units were predicted to be sold by Apple in Q4 of 2012 and back facing cameras The original Leap Pad was the best-selling toy of 2001 and 2002 The first Nintendo console to support HD graphics of up to 1080p Measures 7.9 inches, Internal storage has doubled from 2GB to 4GB More than 400,000 units sold in the first week of release in the US compared to its 9.7 inch big brother In Europe there were 26 games available from launch The electronics specialist maplin Sources / / / ...... ......

An Evolution of Christmas Gifts: Gadget & Toys

shared by southcoastdavid on Dec 12
A selection of the most popular Christmas presents from the 1960s to 2012, charting how far gadgets and toys have changed over the decades (and in some cases not really at all!). There are gadgets and...




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