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The Evolution of the Blogger

THE EVOLUTION BLOGGER OF THE In the dark ages of the early 199os, internet users sought to make their stamp on internet history by forging a new type of voyeurism and narcissism. In 1994 the blog was born, and since then, human interaction has never been the same. ONLINE DIARY IWANT TO BELIEVE The modern blogger evolved from early online diaries and threads in the 1990s. Forum members would often keep a running online account of their day-to-day activities. THE ORIGINATOR In January 1994, Justin Hall, a student at Swarthmore University created the first blog, Justin's Links From the Underground'. A new era of self-initiated documentation began. WEB + LOG = Jorn Barger is the apparent originator of the term 'weblog', inspired from the term logging the web. He was later accused of being a homeless vagrant. The beard may have something to do with that. PETER MERHOLZ In an act of sheer laziness that will shape the course of human events for centuries to come, Peter Merholz shortens weblog to blog, in order for it to fit in the side bar of his online diary. EMO BLOGGER A prehistoric ancestor to the present day hipster, emo-bloggers found comfort and solace in online diaries such as LiveJournal. There they could emote for hours on end about the tortures of being a middle-class Early forms of blogs fell into several categories. ANGRY BLOGGER | Bloggers, such as the "Misanthropic Bitch,' came onto the scene, armed with their web software, salty language, and an all-consuming anger about, well, leverything. teenager. OBSESSIVE OCD BLOGGER TRAVEL BLOGGER This 'subspecialty' of bloggers included those who were passionately interested in a singular area or topic, and sought to find other bloggers POLITICAL BLOGGER who carried similar | From Angry Bloggers evolved a species of political bloggers. Political bloggers quickly gained power and respect through their critical eye and savvy ability to research. E.g. "Trent Lott Scandal" affections. | This began the evolution of specialty, or theme blogs, such as those on | blogspot. ACTIVIST BLOGGER FOOD BLOGGER GREEN TECH BLOGGER APPLE FAN BOY BLOGGER Most noted for their ability to post photos of secret apple technology. GAMING BLOGGER |A more recent evolution has been the hipster |blogger. MEME FASHION BLOGGER D.I.Y ART & DESIGN BLOGGER FAIL BLOGGER BLOGGER A radioactive mutation caused some groups of tech bloggers to become meme bloggers. They are known to repost images and internet |colloquialisms. |Ala Martha Stewart Also includes Street fashion, runway fashion land trash fashion. CELEBRITY GOSSIP BLOGGER | From these types of blogs came the creation of new Iblog forms. A hybrid of hipster and meme bloggers, gossip bloggers emerged as trash-talking money-makers. PHOTOBLOG VLOG | LINKLOG NEXT GENERATION SPAM BOT The next generation of bloggers is believed to be the micro-blogging bloggers. These bloggers, mostly seen on Twitter, have taken what oggers would say in 12,000 words and condensed it down to 140 characters of emotion. COMPANY BLOGGER BLOGGER Don't be fooled by the cuddly exterior, these robots are armed and Based on the proven success of blogging as an industry and platform, companies are increasingly entering the space to promote their products, services and leaders. While many tend to promote extremely pro-brand messages, there are a number of modern company blogs which are also the | source of original and useful content. dangerous. Their sole purpose is to repost links and keywords. Flowtown. Sources:, Economist

The Evolution of the Blogger

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These days, it seems almost everyone has a blog. If you have something to say and you would like to share it with the world, or just your friends, you can do so with a blog. However, the world of blog...



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