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Evolution of the Android Market

EVOLUTION of the ANDROID MARKET When the Android Market debuted in October of 2008, it was little more than an afterthought to Apple's already thriving and buzz-worthy App Store which had launched just months before. But thanks to the Android Market's developer friendly, open nature and the growing popularity of Android phones, the Android Market is set to overtake the App Store in number of new apps and app downloads per year. GROWTH OF ANDROID MARKET 2008 vs. APPLE APP STORE July 2008 APPLE APP STORE: launches on July 10, 2008 with about 500 apps available the first day. October 2008 ANDROID MARKET: officially launched on October 22nd, 2008 with around 50 apps available on the first day. APPLE APP STORE: 7,500 Apps with 200 million downloads September 2009 ANDROID MARKET: 10,000 apps APPLE APP STORE: 85,000 apps September 2010 ANDROID MARKET: 80,000 apps APPLE APP STORE: 250,000 apps May 2011 ANDROID MARKET: 200,000 apps. 4.5 billion downloads APPLE APP STORE: 387,000 apps. 13 billion downloads September 2011 ANDROID MARKET: 295,000 apps. 6 billion downloads October 2011 APPLE APP STORE: 500,000 apps, 18 billion downloads PREDICTED AMOUNT OF APP DOWNLOADS IN 2011: 2011 Android Market: 8.1 Billion Apple App Store: 6 Billion PERCENTAGE OF "WEATHER" APPS PERCENTAGE OF APPS THAT ARE GAMES .002% 25% PERCENTAGE OF ANDROID MARKET APPS THAT ARE FREE as of April 2011 68% PERCENTAGE OF APPLE STORE APPS THAT ARE FREE as of May 2011 37% ANDROID PROFITABILITY Top TEN MOST USED APPS as of August 2011 as of July 2011 ANDROID MARKET PRICE OF AVERAGE PAID APP GOOGLE MAPS $3.13 GMAIL FACEBOOK GOOGLE SEARCH AVERAGE REVENUE YOUTUBE GENERATED BY A PAID APP SINCE BEING PUBLISHED ADVANCED TASK KILLER FREE ANGRY BIROS $2,500 QUICKOFFICEPRO PANDORA RADIO $21,000 AVERAGE REVENUE TO DATE PER PAID APP BY CATEGORY $16.800 $5.000 $2.000 $488 WEATHER BUSINESS GAMES SHOPPING COMICS Top SELLING GAME IN SEPTEMBER 2011: ToP SELLING APP IN SEPTEMBER 2011: CUT THE ROPE BEAUTIFUL WIDGETS $.99 $2.89 24 HOURS Refund window in the Android Market after you download an app. The App Store offers no refunds. The Android Market is an "open eco-system." Android app developers don't need to go through an extensive approval process like they do with Apple. However, in rare cases, Google has been known to step in and remove controversial apps. 3 APPS BANNED FROM THE ANDROID STORE: SECRET SMS REGULATOR App that secretly forwards someone else's phone's texts to yours SPOOFAPP App that changes your number on other phone's caller IDs N64010 A popular app that emulated Nintendo 64 games. Probably pulled due to copyright issues. Sources wWW.APPLE.COM/PR/LIBRARY/2008/06/09APPLE-INTRODUCES-THE-NEW-IPHONE-3G.HTML wwW.ENGADGET.COM/2008/07/10/JOBS-APP-STORE-LAUNCHING-WITH-500-IPHONE-APPLICATIONS-25-FREE/ ANDROID-DEVELOPERS.BLOGSPOT.COM/2008/10/ANDROID-MARKET-NOW-AVAILABLE-FOR-USERS.HTML wwW.MACWORLD.COM/ARTICLE/136285/2008/10/APPSTORE.HTML wWW.APPLE.COM/PR/LIBRARY/2008/10/21APPLE-REPORTS-FOURTH-QUARTER-RESULTS.HTML wwW.TECHCRUNCH.COM/2009/09/07/ANDROID-MARKET-NOW-OVER-10000-APPLICATIONS-STRONG/ wWW.APPLE.COM/PR/LIBRARY/2009/09/28APPLES-APP-STORE-DOWNLOADSS-TOP-TWO-BILLION.HTML wwW.BUSINESSWIRE.COM/NEWS/HOME/20100908007352/EN STATS TAKEN FROM STEVE JOBS' APPLE SPECIAL EVENT SPEECH ON SEPTEMBER IST 2010: wwW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=-WIKVTI2ZUW GOOGLEBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM/2011/05/ANDROID-MOMENTUM-MOBILE-AND-MORE-AT.HTML wwW.APPLE.COM/APPLE-EVENTS/WWDC-2011/ wwW.APPBRAIN.COM/STATS/NUMBER-OF-ANDROID-APPS wwW.CULTOFMAC.COM/120507/SCOTT-FORSTALL-TALKS-IOS-NUMBERS-QUARTER-BILLION-DEVICES-SOLD-AND-I PAD-IS-NUMBER-ONE-LETS-TALK-IPHONE/ wwW.APPLEINSIDER.COM/ARTICLES/II/09/08/ANDROID_APP_VOLUME TO_PASS_1OS_APP_STORE_BUT_APPLE_D EVELOPERS_LEAD_IN_REVENUES.HTML wWW.RESEARCH2GUIDANCE.COM/ANDROID-MARKET-WILL-BECOME-THE-BIGGEST-MOBILE-CONTENT-PLATFORM-I N-THE-WORLD-BY-AUGUST-2011/ NEWS.YAHOO.COM/BLOGS/TECHNOLOGY-BLOG/APPLE-APPROVES-500-000TH-APP-CARE-160140999.HTML wwW.RESEARCH2GUIDANCE.COM/SHOP/INDEX.PHP/ANDROID-MARKET-INSIGHTS-AUGUST-2011 MARKET.ANDROID.COM NIELSEN SMARTPHONE ANALYTICS, DEVICE-METER DATA FROM JULY 20II, ANDROID SMARTPHONE USERS, 18+

Evolution of the Android Market

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Following the success of Apple's App Store is no easy task, but the Android Market has proven to be a worthy competitor. Android's open-source nature and selection of phones has attracted developers a...




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