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Evolution of Android

EVOLUTIONOF ANDROID Android 1.0 September 2008 • YouTubę, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support • Customizable wallpaper with images and photos • Instant męssaging, text messaging and MMs • Google applications including Google Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Sync, Search, Talk, and Gmail • Notifications appear within the status bar with a vibration or ringtonę alert • Basic camera app and other apps such as alarm clock, calculator, gallery, voice dialer and media player • Application grouping in a single home screen folder Android 1.1 February 2009 • Access to details and reviews when using Businesses on Maps • Save attachments within messages • Show and hidę dial pad • Support for marquee in system layouts Android 1.5 - Cupcake April 2009 •Polished and refined user interface (UI) •Updated browser with latest Wębkit and Squirrelfish JavaScript engine • Quicker camera and GPS • Soft keyboard, video recording and playback • A2DP and AVCRP ARCHOS 7 HOME TABLET (CUPCAKE) Android 1.6 - Donut September 2009 • Quick search box • Virtual private network (VPN) control panel with 4 VPN types • Battery usage indicator • Expanded search framework • Text-to-speech Play • Telephony support for CDMA • New version of OpenCore • New Application Programming Interface (API) framework ARCHOS 5 (DONUT) Android 2.0 - Éclair October 2009 • Additonal camera capabilities including digital zoom, color effect and scene modę • Updated contacts, accounts, męssaging, calendar and email apps • Improved UI Integrated Bluetooth 2.1 • Several new developer APIS Android 2.0.1 December 2009 • Minor API changes • Framework behavioral changes • Bug fixes Android 2.1 January 2010 ••. • API changes • Bug fixes Android 2.2 - Froyo May 2010 • Overall faster and smoother performance • Dedicated shortcuts for home screen • Better security, remotę wipe, and auto-discovery for synced Exchange accounts • Added LED flash to camcorder for better nighttime and low light recording • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot capability (tethering) • Improved Bluetooth compatibility with voice dialing • Updated and advanced API RCHOS 7 GEN 8 70 IT (FROYO) Android 2.3 - Gingerbread December 2010 • Quicker and simplified UI • Faster and more accurate keyboard text input • Better suggested text and voice input • One-touch word selection and copy and pastę available whilę texting or viewing a web page • New Internet calling • New Near-Field Communications (NFC) Front facing camera • Updated Dalvik runtime and media framework Android 2.3.3 February 2011 • Updated NFC, Bluetooth, graphics, media framework and speech recognition GEN 8 101 (GINGERBREAD) Android 2.3.4 May 2011 • Bug fixes and patches Android 2.3.5 July 2011 • Open Accessory Library • Upgraded Gmail app • Increased battery efficiency • Updated camera app Android 2.3.6 Android 2.3.7 September 2011 September 2011 • Google Wallet support • Bug fixes for voice search feature Nexus 4G Android 3.0 - Honeycomb 3 February 2011 •Update desgined specifically for tablets • Redesigned UI that is virtual and holographic • System and action bars • Customizable home screens • Video Chat support using Google Talk • Hardwarę acceleration • Support for multi-core processors • Encryption for all user data • HTTP live streaming • Pluggable DRM framework • Digital media file transfer • Fully compatible with apps developed for smaller tablets RCHOS 7 ARCHOS 70B IT Android 3.1 (HONEYCOMB) May 2011 • Accessibility for USB devices • Expandable recent apps list • Resizable home screen widgets Android 3.2 July 2011 • Support for external keyboards, • Optimization for a wider range of tablets pointing devices, joysticks and gamepads • Compatibility zoom for fixed-sized apps • Mędia sync from SD card · Extended API for managing screens • Robust Wi-Fi networking • Support for HTTP proxy for each connected Wi-Fi access point support Android 3.2.1 September 2011 • Bug fixes • Improved security, stability and Wi-Fi within devices • Automatic updates to apps • Updated Google Books • Improved Adobe Flash support within browsers Android 3.2.2 Android 3.2.4 Android 3.2.6 September 2011 December 2011 • Bug fixes February 2012 • "Pay-as-You-Go" support for 3G and 4G tablets • Fixed data connęctivity issues when exiting airplanę mode ......... Android 4.0.1 - Ice Cream Sandwich October 2011 • Introduced refined and unified Ul for phones and tablets • Improved readability • New home screen folders and favorites tray • Resizable and interactive widgets • Access to apps from lock screen • Quick text response for incoming calls • Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks, and browser tabs • Users can accurately dictate text for an GEN 9 SERIES (ICE CREAM SANDWICH) extended amount of time · Easily trackable data plans with data usage displays • "People" application integrates social networks, status updates, and hi-resolution photos • Improv I web browsing with full vers offline zooming abilities to make text larger, and improved page performance • Android Beam for NFC-based sharing allows people to instantly share apps, contacts, music, and more • New face unlock • New Wi-Fi Direct allows users to connect to their friend's devices without tethering or an Internet connection Android 4.0.2 97CARBON (ICE CREAM SANDWICH) November 2011 • Minor bug fixes on certain devices Android 4.0.3 December 211 • Bug fixes and optimizations • New APIS available for developers • Updatęs for graphics, databases, spell-check function and Bluętooth 11:469I ROHOS Android 4.0.4 March 2012 • Improvements on camera performancę, screen rotation, stability and phone number ręcognition Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean June 2012 • "Gesturę Modę" • Android Beam supports Bluetooth data transfer • Improved, high-performance browser • HTML 5 video support • Updatęd HTML 5 Mędia Capture • WębVięw supports vertical text • Keyboard adapts easily to over 20 languages • Speech-to-text available without Internet connection • Expandable notifications • Application-spęcific notification management • Home scrn automatically re-sizes widgets to fit and rearranges everything else to make room • High-resolution contact photos that can bę automatically GEN 10 SERIES (JELLY BEAN) rętrieved from public Google+ profiles • New Google functions and updates within Google Search, Google Now, Google Play, and Google Apps like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and Google Plus Infographic by: ARCHÖS Entertainment your way

Evolution of Android

shared by NBarber102 on Oct 12
Wow...Android operating systems have made some serious progress of the years! Super cool and informative.




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