Everything to Ever Come Out Of Google X

EVERYTHING TO EVER COME OUT OF Google[x]- WHAT IS GOOGLE X? Located next door to the 'Googleplex' in Mountain View, California, Google X is a hugely secretive laboratory for Google's more outlandish side projects. Their rules are: * What they create must solve a problem that affects millions, if not billions. * The solutions should be unusual, influenced by elements of science fiction. * Google X employees should "shoot for the moon" and embrace failure. SELF-DRIVING CAR Available to the public in 2017, this self- driving car has no steering wheel or pedals, and instead maps its own environment and drives passengers safely to their destination. DRONE DELIVERY Project Wing will be able to deliver packages via drone to those who live in remote areas. GOOGLE GLASS Wearable technology that will show the wearer messages, videos and allow them to surf the web through voice command. GOOGLE CONTACTS Invented to help diabetes sufferers, these contact lenses will be able to measure blood sugar in the wearer's tears and warn them when levels are high or low. PROJECT LOON These giant balloons will provide wireless internet access to remote areas. This is currently being tested in New Zealand. CANCER DETECTING DRUGS This pill would release nanobots into the human body which would sense cancer and heart problems, and send messages to a sensor on the user's wrist. THE WEB OF THINGS Google X is currently developing a revolutionary network which would allow everything, from turning on your washing machine to finding out when the next bus is, just a tap away on any device - no apps needed! MOONSHOTS: Google X projects are known as 'moonshots', most will not succeed, but will make an massive impact if they do. Here are the moonshots that failed: SPACE ELEVATOR HOVERBOARD TELEPORTATION A neat idea, but eventually scrapped because it didn't really solve a problem. Yes, Google X has researched teleportation, but the laws of physics got in the way. This giant cable that would connect the earth to a satellite in space was eventually deemed unfeasible by Google X. Presented by: ALPHA ELECTRICS Industrial & Technical Services

Everything to Ever Come Out Of Google X

shared by AlexGillham on Jan 25
A look at all of the amazing projects to emerge from the super secret Google X project, where scientists and engineers are asked to look for science fiction solutions to world problems and "shoot for ...



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