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Every Generation Needs A New Revolution

EVERY GENERATION NEEDS A NEW REVOLUTION HORSE AND CART 3500 BC Recent evidence had been uncovered of horses being domesticated for transpor- tation as early as 3500 B.C. in the Botai culture, which is in northern Kazakhstan FACT: Horses can put half of their body asleep while the other half is wide awake. Henry J Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903 and produced its first car, the Ford Model A the same year. The Model A was advertised as "the most reliable machine in the world". FACT: The Model A was only sold in red by the factory. FIRST CAR PELEASED 1903 The first use of an organised courier ser- vice for sending written documents was in Egypt where couriers were used by the MAIL delLiveREd 2400 B.C Pharaohs in 2400 BC. FACT: The world's first airmail flight took off in 1918 overlooked by the US President Woodrow WIlson. The delivery arrived two days late due to setting off with an empty fuel tank, proceeded by the pilot flying 25 miles in the wrong direction and crash landing. @ Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971 which travelled via ARPANET, a precursor to the internet, he is also known for int roducing the @' sign as the locator in email address es. I FACT: 2.8 million emails are sent every second EMAIL SenT 1971 PHONEBOOTH NYENTED 1889 Following the invention of the tele- phone in 1876, the first phone booths were installed in hotels and shops in 1889 They were post pay machines where an attendant collected the fee and contacted the telephone exchange on your behalf. FACT: In 1926 Sir George Gilbert Scott's design for the red telephone box was chosen as a the winning design in a competition run by the General Post In 1973 Japan's NTT introduces the first commercial 1G cellular net work and its inventor Dr. NMartin Cooper makes the first call on a mobile phone. It wasn't until the last 1980's that the first truly mobile phone was created by Motorola. MOBILE PHONE FACT: The very first 'mobile phone' had large and heavy battery's carried on a shoulder strap which only gave you 20 minut es of ta lk time. Changed LIFE in 1980s In 1892 Sir Francis Galton published 'Finger Prints' accounting the nature of fingerprints and their use in solving crime. The characteristics he FINGERPRINT identified are known as the Galton Details represent the basic patterns used in present day classification methods. Caught first rEd handed In UK 1901 FACT: In 1902, Harry Jackson was the first person to be convicted in the United Kingdom based on fingerprint evwidence. DNA was discovered by a Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher in 1869, when he noticed a microscopic subst ance on surgical bandages. FACT: 1987, British baker Colin Pitchfork was the first criminal caught using DNA fingerprinting in Leicester, the city where it was first discovered. DNA Convicted 1987 TV INvented UK 1920 In the 1920's, John Logie Baird pat- ented the idea of using arrays of transparent rods to transmit images for television. FACT: The world's first live televised event was the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Contrary to regular belief the first nationwide on demand TV service was launched by Virgin Media in 2005. BSKYB responded by releasing their own service in 2006. TV ll FACT: There are now 32 internet and television-based Video on Demand ON DEMAND TV SWitched on in 2005 film services available to UK consum- ers, a five-fold increase in two years. VHS The first attempt at developing the VHS tape format is made by JVC engi- neers in Japan. It takes until 1976 for the first VCR to use VHS to be Developed 1971 releas ed. FACT: The very first movie to be released on VHS was the South Korean drama The Young Teacher' in 1976. The invention of the DVD beg an in 1993 as entertainment companies saw the potential of the technology as a way to replace VHS the way CD's nullified cas- settes. FACT: The first movie released on DVD was Twister, the original DVD release date was 26/03/97. DVD RELEASED 1993 CD Launched 1982 The compact disc or CD was intro- duced in 1982 as a way for storing digit al data. FACT: The first public demonstra- tion of a CD was on the BBC tele- vision program 'Tomorrow's World' when they played the Bee Gee's album, 'Living Eyes'. The MP3 format is first pat- ented in the United States in 1996. FACT: The record company Sub Pop, famous for signing Nirvana, were the first to distribute music in the MP3 MP3 format in 1999. MUSIC OwneD 1999 SERVER First server InVEnted 1981 The first server was hosted on an IB/M machine which enabled group email collaboration and online trolling. FACT: The first 'web server' was invented by the father of the inter- net, Tim Berners-Lee on a workstation manufactured by a company called NEXT, founded by someone called St eve Jobs. in Cloud hosting has been around since 2005 but really hit the mainstream market in 2010 CLOUD SERVERS CLoud servErs Hit BIG in 2010 FACT: Traditional servers can take weeks to deploy, Rackspace Cloud Servers take 30 seconds. FIND OUT MORE AT HTTP://WWW.RACKSPACE.CO.UK/CLOUD-HOSTING rackspace HOSTING

Every Generation Needs A New Revolution

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Technological evolution can revolutionise lives completely opening new opportunities to the world we live in. Evolution can be just around the corner accelerating us from our standard reality to a who...






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