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The Ever Growing World of Ecommerce

The ever growing world of ecommerce Do you have all the facts? The concept of ecommerce was first introduced in late 1970's and early 1980's with the development of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). However the e-commerce we are aware started only after 90's with the launch of World Wide Web Oizza Although there are contradictions on the fact but pizza Hut is one of the first e-commerce website launched in 1994 Facts about U.K internet marketing When it comes to ecommerce, U.K is one of the biggest ecommerce markets in the world. 40million Internet Usage - 83% Online Shoppers - 40million Business to Customer sales in U.K - GBP 82million Mobile Commerce - 16.4 billion Top Ecommerce Markets %24 U.K > Germany > U.S About Users One of the most active and dynamic age group who use ecommerce falls between 25-49 Most Common Products and Services used Online Talking about U.S, the pizza delivery services is one of the most commonly used services online. In fact in a recent survey it was found out that the total traffic coming to the site in a day surpassed that of Facebook. Clothing is the most common com- modity bought online in U.K and Germany, followed by gadgets, auto parts. Late in 2008 BBC in one of their articles revealed that books are one of the top purchased prod- ucts online. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: 82 million CCCCC.

The Ever Growing World of Ecommerce

shared by Vebology on Mar 18
This infograph created by Vebology team is going to unfold some of the less known facts about the ever growing world of ecommerce. Check it out.






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