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Event organisers guide: to badges

AN EVENT ORGANISER'S GUIDE TO BADGES PREDICTIONS FOR 2016 1 There will be a growth in social and interactive capabilities for badging at events. Event organisers will be opting for badges that save them time and money. A continued increase in demand for badges to be printed on arrival at events. 4 Even more people will opt for badges that are strong enough to use by themselves and don't require a holder. 5 There will be an even bigger growth in the use of RFID and NFC technology. Most beneficial types of event badges Paper inserts IDhesive folding badges Easy to design in-house or using our services; these badges are available in over 20 different sizes. Worn with a wallet and clip or lanyard. Easy to produce and can be attached directly to a lanyard without need for a wallet. Plastic credit card badges A Pop-out badges A popular choice for formal conferences. You can customise these durable badges by adding photographs of delegates, changing the layout and adding backgrounds to indicate access priviledges. These badges are made from plastic with a pop-out design and can be worn without a wallet. Re-usable window badges Large format badges The popular choice for many types of events, especially those in the sports industry. Useful for designated areas of access, colour coding and photo ID solutions. Fully customisable to your design, the re- usable window badge holders are personalised using printed paper inserts. Add on pin clips or magnetic bars for easy wearing. What badge is best for my event? Sporting events Large format badges have a larger area for clear visual identification, making them perfect for sporting events. Formal events Credit card PVC badges are compact and quite subtle, making them suitable to wear with business attire at more formal events. Exhibitions and conferences IDhesive badges are very quick to produce and can be worn easily without a holder. Most popular for exhibitions or trade shows. Making your badges more secure Photography Add photos to reduce the risk of delegates passing badges between themselves. Barcodes & RFID Adding technology to badges allows the organiser to track attendance and access privileges. 16597248 Security Printing Badges can be printed with a fine line bank note type background to prevent reproduction of badges through photocopying. Holofoils and holograms can be produced in a bespoke design to reduce risk of counterfeiting. Top three considerations This depends on what type of badge you choose and what accessories you use. If you're looking for a more durable badge, it's a good idea to use holders and plastic wallets. How long will the badge last? Security is a very big part of your event. Make your badges more secure by adding photos, technology, holofoils or security printing. How secure is the badge? Should you print your badges in advance or on arrival? This is completely dependent on your type of event and badge. Some badges are easy to print on site whereas others will need to be prepared earlier on - especially with added security measures. Speak to your provider to discuss this. Source: IDentilam: Provider of Event Badges, ID Cards & Software. Visit

Event organisers guide: to badges

shared by Becky-B on Apr 30
When you’ve got an event coming up it’s important to get all of the details right. From the venue to the guest list, there are a lot of important factors to think about. The main point of contact ...


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