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The Essential Guide to Drill Bits

The Essential Guide to BOSCH Drill Bits The Popular Ones Multi-Purpose Glass & Tile For practically all materials in interior fitting. For soft-medium tiles, ceramic porcelain, non-toughened glass. Precise centring tip. Reinforced, carbide head for a long lifetime. Extra-long life, centring tip for precision, low vibration levels, diamond-ground edges. HSS-Titanium 40% faster drilling than comparable bits. For alloyed/non-alloyed steel, new silver, malleable/sintered cast iron, copper, bronze, hard plastics. Flat/Spade HSS- Glass & Tile Clean, accurate drilling in hard/soft wood, light building materials, plasterboard. Self-feeding tip pulls bit through 10x faster than other spade bits. 25 TIN HSS-Rolled HSS- Flat For alloyed/non-alloyed steel, cast iron, NF metals, hard plastics. High elasticity. Value-for-money. Rolled Spur Auger Break-resistant. Fine finish. Self-feeding tip. For through-holes, deep dowel holes & pre-dilling for rafter nails in hard/soft/wet wood. HSS-Ground Metal HSS- Durable, quality, long-life bit. For alloyed/non-alloyed/cast steel, cast/malleable cast/sintered iron, NF metals, hard plastics. Self-centring split-point tip: no need to pre-punch/pilot drill <10mm Ground Auger Multi- Wood Purpose Brad-Point Centring tip: precise, clean drilling in hard & soft wood. M-tip model: pre-cutting spurs & flute optimised for dust extraction HSS- Cobalt Brad Concrete & Point HSS-Cobalt Masonry SDS-Plus Use in drill stands/pillar drills. For cast iron/steel, stainless steel V2AN4A, acid/heat-resistant steel, alloyed/non-alloyed steel <100 N/mm?. Resistant to heat/wear. Very long lifetime. SDS plus For masonry & concrete. Improved power transfer & usability for hammers <5kg. Main ranges: fast dust removal, precision/power/long lifetime. Straight Shank SDS- Plus SDS- Маx Straight Shank Main ranges: diamond-ground edges for speed, durable carbide coating for durability, optimised all-rounder. For natural/artificial stone, granite, concrete, masonry, limestone SDS-Max SDS For masonry, concrete, limestone, natural stone. Improved power transfer & usability for hammers >5kg. Main ranges: long lifetime in natural stone, fast drilling rate max( The Specialist Ones BreakThrough For 45-80mm diameter breakthrough in concrete, masonry, and limestone using SDS-Max tools. Highly durable, with 3-cutter head. Rebar Cutter For non-impact use in SDS-Plus tools to drill concrete containing rebar. Durable & quick-cutting carbide teeth. Hinge-Cutting For abrasive materials e.g. plywood, chipboard, plastic laminated wood, hardwood, wood fibreboard. Formwork & Installation Freehand Routing Forstner For sandwich materials, light building materials, wood & nails, plasterboard, insulation, etc. Screw-connected bit & shank, for low risk of breakage & smoother running. For wood, iron, plastics, & NF metals. Three-/four-piece sets featuring round, conical, cylindrical & concave bits. Durable bit for precise, tear-free holes in hard/soft wood, veneered wood. Main & side spurs, short centre tip. Stepped/Cone For drilling multiple diameters with one bit, deburring, enlarging holes, etc. in virtually all thin materials. Spiral flute: fast drill rate, low vibration, long lifetime. Three versions: HSS, HSS-TIN, HSS-AITIN. Countersink Sheet Metal Cone For NF metals, wood, plastics, cast iron alloyed/non-alloyed/stainless steel. Between three & seven cutting edges. For burr-free holes in NF metals, sheet steel & plastic without pilot drilling. Created by Kelvin Power Tools

The Essential Guide to Drill Bits

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Know your drill bits! With this essential guide you will become a master driller, with your newly acquired understanding of these accessories and when and where to use them!


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