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Enterprise Social Cyber Attack

THE ANATOMY OF AN ENTERPRISE SOCIAL CYBER ATTACK When new technology becomes mainstream, it's sure to quickly attract the cyber criminal Social media has become part of our every day lives, both personally and professionally. It has changed the way we communicate with our friends, family, colleagues and customers.and it also has become one of the fastest growing cyber attack vectors. Cyber criminals use social networks, including sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and VKontakte as mediums for launching targeted malware and phishing schemes. THE PREP > CYBER CRIMINALS BUILD AND PREPARE SOCIAL MEDIA BOT ARMIES Bot Armies' are key to Enterprise Social Cyber Attacks. Cyber criminals aim to masquerade their bots as trustworthy social media profiles. To achieve this goal, they populate their bots with relevant popular content. By posting viral videos and popular articles, and even buying 'likes', cyber criminals create social media ttions of users profiles that potentially reach millions of users. *There are essentially two types of bots. One is a bot Bot Army account that is created and operated remotely via software. The other is a "sock puppet" – a false account operated by an individual pretending to be someone or something they're not. Facebook estimates that between 5-6 % of all accounts are bogus. When a group of these bogus accounts are created together to accomplish a common goal, the output is a bot army. 오오 Lazy criminals can buy software-controlled bot armies for as cheap as 6c per bot: human-verified social bots can fetch a price as high as $1.25. ets SELECTING A TARGET Once bots are created, the next step in the preparation phase is selecting a target. In order to increase effectiveness, the cyber criminal will either focus attacks against specific organizations, an organization's customers or against the general public via popular topic hijacking (trendjacking)". *Trendjacking is a common PR tactic that subverts trending topics and discussions to inject a different message into the conversation. Much like a PR team, the cyber criminal injects malware and phishing attacks, masquerading as another interested party (e.x. #MileyCyrus is trending and the attacker posts – #MileyCyrus OMG did you see this video of Miley?! MAKING CONNECTIONSections In order to initiate an attack, the cyber criminal needs to connect his bots with the targeted victims. More bot connections mean more potential victims. To make connecting more successful, the manager of the bot armies will fill the bots profiles with attractive photos, funny images or anything else to draw the attention of the targets based on their interests. Even the most savvy can fall victim, think about the business development or sales rep that gets enticed by a bot pretending to want to do business. CYBER CRIMINAL PICKS DISTRIBUTION! MODE OF ATTACK: PHISHING OR MALWARE. VS. PHISHING MALWARE Cyber criminals hide malscript or Malscript is a type of code similar to javascript that can control the functions of a user's internet browser The cyber criminal sets up a phishing Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectiy, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity website disguised as a reliable site. Malware on websites that can For example, the phishing site could look consequently launch or download and alter user files. just like a bank's, and ask customers to without the target even knowing! All it Malware is a file that infects devices, networks and systems and is usually repackaged and hidden from enter their login credentials. in an electronic communication. takes is one errant visit or click to the malicious URL and the attacker has hooked another victim. traditional anti-virus and anti-malware technologies. A FRAUDULENT WEBSITE IS BUILT MALWARE IS BOUGHT OR CREATED WE HAVE ANEWW SECURITY ARCHITECTURE PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR INFORMATIONE function var d=n d.setTim var expi docume fur var d=new Datel d.setTime(d.get s 24 60'1000)); WEBSITE IS SHARED WITH A SHORTENED LINK TO THE DISGUISED THE TARGET MALWARE IS SHARED WITH TARGET aJoe Bot The Bot Man Joe Messages Notifications Requests Events Photos Hey check out this news article, bitly/pfg2754 I think you will find it really interesting. #trending, #news, #breakingnews, #government Joe Bot Hey are you able to log into the bank, I am having trouble? Let me know! Thx. WEBSITE PROMPTS THE TARGET TO TARGET CLICKS LINK THAT ENTER SENSITIVE INFORMATION EXECUTES MALSCRIPT/ DOWNLOADS MALWARE Often undetected and hidden WE HAVE A NEW SECURITY ARCHITECTURE PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR INFORMATION! Usemame Password crệm ipum dolor sit umet, coraectetur First Name Last Name adioiscing enMortieuru ane non rula veticula cammoda in vehicula niai id magra sclichudn ouls Quisque fermenturm eug t Sumesrtas commordo convalas urguid Address preum commode ue commedo id Ourattur wm Duape aliguamyulgutate na et SS # e c nunc timperenracietue Duare malinuada v aum maesada Donec Pota virintis rtus ut amat muct Curabitur turpla sệm congue euiaculs ut SUBMIT eerend juata Ququtmet umaa crem ipaum dolor t m et canaectur wiping e Morti curu ante nan a vehicula commedo in veode rai id magra sollicitudin lacula Quque fermentum feugut ve Suapindie commodo comals arcu id pretium Paci aliquam vulputate ri et commodo augue commedo id Ourabitur idet e nuncempar coraecietur Puace makiuada vestituum mweada Done pata vereratis lectun sit armet ucipit Curabitur turpis sm cang eu acula ut eletend acuo Quisque stame urr ou Nulam nec reque makiada juto condimentum hanous vel eu m Suapendu paenti. Duis adpiecing vet in tircidunt egenta Nula qu ultrio unc vệl aerique mi. Nula veneratia du in hendrerit tempua uma nuncultrice tellua nec preium lacus lectuaet ugula THE CYBER CRIMINAL EITHER USES "CLEAN" DOMAINS (NO BAD REPUTATION DATA) TO HOST THESE MALICIOUS PAGES OR RAPIDLY CHANGES THE END LOCATION SO AS TO AVOID DETECTION BY TRADITIONAL WEB FILTERS OR ADVANCED FIREWALLS. CYBER CRIMINAL NOW HAS ACCESS TO CYBER CRIMINAL NOW HAS ACCESS To ACCOUNT AND PERSONAL YOUR DEVICE* INFORMATION* "People will commonly use the same passwords for work Malware can be written for any platform and can effect accounts and personal accounts. Even a personal phishing anything from cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktops as attack is of concern to organizations as this might result in well as servers and storage devices. privileged access credentials leaking out COMPROMISED COMPROMISED VIA FRONT DOOR VIA BACK DOOR » THE RESULT » COMPANY BREACHED VIA SOCIAL THE UNFORTUNATE TRUTH IS.. 7in 10 Individuals will fall for a scheme similar to FVERY those shown above. Whether it's a work laptop or a personal device that gets infected, malware now has access to data, passwords and anything else worth stealing! In fact, when malware is introduced to an environment, it typically tries to replicate and infect any other systems on the network, even home networks. Once infected targets connect to the company network, malware can capture data from anywhere across the enterprise. This means important company data could be easily transmitted back to the cyber criminal. |olo CONSEQUENTLY, IN 2013, ONE-THIRD OF DATA BREACHES 5.4 RESULTING IN AN AVERAGE LOSS OF ORIGINATED VIA MILLION DOLLARS SOCIAL PER ATTACK GET PROTECTED! » GET THE ZEROFOX PLATFORM TO STOP SOCIAL THREATS SOCIAL ENGINEERING MALWARE FRAUD AND PHISHING AND VIRUSES IMPERSONATIONS >» GET ZERØFOX SOCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT The ZeroFOX Platform is an Enterprise Social Risk Management suite that enables organizations to identify, manage and mitigate information security risk introduced through social media. From targeted social-based cyber attacks to fraud, social engineering and executive impersonations, ZeroFOX provides real-time risk management, threat intelligence and security analytics. ZEROFOX.COM SOURCES: Check Mark by Cole Townsend from The Noun Project; Building by Lil Squid from The Noun Project; Credit Card by Benni from The Noun Project; Smartphone by George Agpoon from The Noun Project; Shield by Benni from The Noun Project

Enterprise Social Cyber Attack

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By now, social media has clearly established itself as a dominant force in our lives: Nearly three-quarters of adults who go online use a social network of some kind. More than two of five use multipl...


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