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Enterprise Mobility – A (R)evolution of Biblical Proportions

ENTERPRISE MOBILITY A REVOLUTION OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS 66 An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator. these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is. Steve Jobs IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE "M" WORD The evolution of Enterprise Mobility, as we know it Company-wide telephonic networks 1980 1990 land line telephones | facsimiles | telegraphs 2000 1G mobile devices | pagers | SMS in "dumb phones" 2007 The landmark launch of the smartphone FROM EDEN TO EARTH The last decade saw enterprise mobility evolving at a heavenly speed Before Android: Email, calendar, and contacts. Driven by BlackBerry. In the year of the Android: User-friendly apps to touch customers. Powered by iOS and Android. Post Android: Using mobility for maximum value. More customer satisfaction & competitive advantage. ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MOVING BEYOND THE PHYSICAL REALM Hardware independence is the new messiah of enterprise mobility. o Back-end process o Middle-ware technological capabilities o Front end user interfacing applications, for a seamless UX o Security, mainly: o Safety and confidentiality of data o User authentication o Encryption methods for accuracy and confidentiality Devices Includes desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets BYOD policies stipulates individual devices Smart firms articulate clear policies: Mobility Device Management (MDM) Mobility Application Management (MAM) Network Access Controls (NAC) Suitable technology platforms for: Hardware configuration & management Network management Disaster recovery Hardware Governance ENTERPRISE MOBILITY - CHAPTER, VERSE AND PSALM It seeks to establish control and keep the network secure. Supports disparate mobile OS MOBILITY DEVICE MANAGEMENT [MDM] PRESENT Configuration settings Connectivity policies Security apps Data Management Application management Device level security ... FUTURE "Nearly two-thirds of all enterprises will adopt an MDM solution by 2017 – Gartner" MOBILITY APPLICATION MANAGEMENT [MAM] Approved apps through a private app store Whetting each app download request White-listing safe apps App deployment Timely updates Regulating downloads App retirement NETWORK ACCESS CONTROL [NAC] Restricts unsafe devices Establishes access Personalized network rights GOD IS IN THE DETAILS - 3 FOR THE FUTURE 50% increase in revenue growth and profits to be gained by embracing enterprise mobility On Tablets: Stone or otherwise 2015 Sales of all portable PC's 323 million Sales of tablets 332 million By 2015, over 35% of all tablet sales could be for enterprise related uses - Gartner I have seen the future. And it is HTML5 > Development of native apps in ioS, Andorid, Windows etc., very expensive and time consuming > Web based apps built in HTML5 that offer similar UX across disparate platforms will flourish Look to the Heavens! > Data currently resides locally in the device - a big security risk > Cloud and virtualization technologies will become the norm REFERENCE:- For I know the plans I have for you - 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends Feb2013.pdf THE HOLY TRINITY 00

Enterprise Mobility – A (R)evolution of Biblical Proportions

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This Christmas, we showcase the evolution of Enterprise Mobility. And then we explain how you can bring this revolution into your enterprise.


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