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Energy Efficiency Devices

-ENERGY EFFICIENT DEVICES What would life be like without batteries? DAWN OF BATTERY TECHNOLOGY The rechargeable batteries for our cell phones weren't created for another 187 years. That invention belongs to Akira Yoshino who devised | the first lithium-ion battery in 1985. The first battery, created in1798 by Alessandro Volta, used pieces of moist cardboard soaked in brine and was known But of all the types of battery, the rechargeable one has the shortest shelf life. as a 'wet cell battery: INTEL" ATOMIM 4TH GENERATION INTEL" CORETM PROCESSOR FAMILY That's why. 23000 PROCESSOR SERIES 2 0000 A mobile device battery lasted approx 180 minutes. James Cameron's "Titanic*" is 194 minutes - meaning your device would go down 14 minutes before the Titanic does. 10 hours of active battery life and 3 weeks of standby Enjoy up to 11 hours of movies back to back? Then Intel invented the next generation platform. PLATFORM POWER EFFICIENT I/0 LOW POWER INTEL LABS MANAGEMENT & MEMORY CIRCUIT INNOVATIONS Your battery may last longer Your entire system may now be more power efficient Ecosystem as a whole may consume less energy Continuously innovating to improve future energy efficient mobile devices. Watch Titanic* multiple times without needing to reach to the power outlet. EX: Skype* a friend for longer than you used to. For more information, visit EX: Stream a movie AND be on Facebook simultaneously while using less power. EX: You may become more green. eand A af Corporation in the 0ar oer undes Cayrghte 2014 Carporation Al rghts mened 1. Tian (197) The nterret Move Detatae MO 19 Dec 1997 Z Memured on OEM Systen uning buttery te duing local affine video playback of a 1080p MAandcape node worad MP4 1080p 20tes h24 High Profie LAD 144 60 second cio. Method inthe device setting diable al ados urtooth. G, CPSett) ecept W Asociate w ta B0211n accns point Set up the systemt-150 nits screen brightet using a tull sereen white background Tun OfF the adactive brightnes setting under Poer Options in Contralae Set Din the depin tnever on beth batery and AC Set Pit the tomputer t sleep never on both battery and AC Wait 15 minutes after boot Launch the detaut windows Style video player and load the MPA 1080p worad video n000p DephantiOreamH41Oo tOMmp Tetal trute 1012atp Hake sue tstart e vide payba and doconnect the ACstart the test Loop the videe unt battery s enhated and record the ine Fuly charge the ystam and repestatal of rus Ube the median af the 3run bettery deta Bettery se normalced 50WH Sefwa and wontoad ued in performance testmay hae been ptimiced tor performance only on iet micrprocessers Performance tests, such as SYSnark and Mobiletak, ae measured using specific computer syste components, saftuan operatons and functions Any thange any of those factors may ce the resuto vary should orsit oter infomation and performance tests to ist you in fuly eting your contemplated purhanes induding the pertarmance of that product whemcobined with other producta 3. Bamery ite ismenued 1080.10, 3M 17 CEM System FRD on 305 Whr 214,10en h264 Bephants Dream video Mindows onty "Oher names and brands mny be claimed a the praperty of others

Energy Efficiency Devices

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From a beaker filled with brine-soaked cardboard to the tiny lithium-ion cell powering your phone, batteries have made a massive journey over the past 200 years. This infographic illustrates some of t...


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