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Email v.s. Group Chat

GROUP CHAT VS EMAIL 1. Noise to Signal Ratio Chat Noise/ Signal Ratio Great job on the latest 100% signal build, team! No Noise 8:1 Email Chat Email Congrats team [email protected] } Signal to me, [email protected], [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] Subject: Congrats team Noise Dear Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, and Team 4, Wanted to send you all a short note to say great job on the latest build. } Signal Regards, Bob [email protected] Noise If ths message was received in error, please disregard or discard. WINNER: Group Chat 2. Context Switching Email Conversation #1 Processing Email 1. Email arrives in inbox 2. Open email Conversation 3. Read email #2 4. Assign to a conversation Conversation #3 5. Switch context 6. Process/respond Conversation # 4 7. Go back to inbox Conversation #5 Repeat 50 times= 50 context switches Each email refers to a conversation and requires reader to establish/switch context. Group Chat Processing Group Chat 1. Select conversation/ switch context 2. Read messages 3. Process/respond Conversation # 1 Conversation # 2 Conversation 4. Enter next conversation # 3 Conversation Repeat 5 times= # 4 5 context switches Conversation # 5 WINNER: Group Chat 3. Volume Output Email Group Chat 20 people join 20 people send 20 emails to 20 people =400 emails/person 10-20 conversations Here HELP! I go! Drowning, in a Stepping into a flowing stream of group chat conversation sea of email WINNER: Group Chat Brought to you by vobo Ditch email. Vobi makes group communication easy and efficient. Chat from mobile or desktop, share content, and keep the conversation going from anywhere. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at

Email v.s. Group Chat

shared by vobi on Jul 30
Communication methods within companies are shifting due to more diversified needs and the ability to use mobile. Email has long been held as the most common communication method, but is often not the ...


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