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Email Mostly Mobile

Email Mostly Mobile Marketers Seeing Smartphone Opens Surpass Others It's official. As predicted, more people are opening their emails on mobile devices than through their webmail account on a browser. Email desktop clients, the primary means of access for business users, remain relatively unchanged. Open Rates by Platform Mobile 60 1300% Oct 10 - Oct 12 50 40 30 20 Webmail Desktop 10 O Mobile Oct-10 Oct-11 Oct-12 North America Leads in Smartphone Email Use Webmail Mobile Desktop Brazil 56% 14% 30% Canada 34% 37% 29% France 41% 17% 42% Germany 61% 13% 26% Spain 46% 14% 40% UK 40% 24% 36% USA 31% 38% 31% The US can sometimes be thought of as a bellwether for these trends. Brazil and Europe are mindful to watch their open rates for significant shifts to mobile. On the other hand, jumping on the mobile bandwagon too soon may be costly and have the opposite effect intended. Consumers Bank at Their Desks, Shop on their Phones Desktop 60 Social Networking 50 Retail 40 Real Estate B0 Non profit Organizations Corporate Services Consumer Products Banking Webmail Mobile People are opening banking emails on their desktops because of security reasons. It's much easier to determine if an email is a phishing scam on a desktop than it is on a mobile phone. Retailers take note - your audience is clearly on mobile, and so should your emails and websites. Daily Email Use on Mobiles and Desktop Computers UK 62% 71% USA Germany 73% 79% 60% 76% France 62% 80% Brazil Australia 57% 72% 57% 77% While people check email more on a daily basis on desktop computers compared to mobile, the clear takeaway is that they are checking emails on multiple devices daily. Are your marketing emails optimized for both? Not convinced that mobile email Percentage conversion rate by traffic source optimization is worth your time and effort? Emails have twice as many conversions than search or social, and Average Order Value by device shows a higher order rate by mobile phones and tablets. Email Search Social AOV by device $91.86 $96.11 $97.39 BUY BUY BUY Source: Monetate Mobile May Not Mean On the Go People purchasing on smartphones while on the go is a myth. More people buy while at home or work. And when are they buying, it could be in bed or on the toilet. It's a matter of convenience. Home Work On the Go Australia 54% 14% 14% Brazil 41% 20% 6% France 5% 24% 12% Germany 47% 19% 12% UK 53% 12% 15% USA 51% 18% 22% While using the bathroom 39% 54% While lying in bed 30% During a meal with others Open Rate Share by Mobile Device 59% 26% 14% 0.3% iPhone iPad Android Windows Phone 85% iPad, Windows Devices Grab a (Slightly) Bigger Piece of the Pie iPad & Emails Apple devices still dominate, comprising 85% of all mobile opens. The iPad grew 8% YOY, and Android devices grew 3% 35% 30% E YOY but maintain 14% of all opens by mobile devices. Windows mobile phones' share of 25% opens grew 85% YOY, but still represent a fractional share with 0.3% of all opens. "Other" mobile phones, like Blackberry and Symbian OS phones, saw a 7% YOY decline in their mobile open share as these users likely 20% Dec-11 Feb-12 Apr-12 Jun-12 Aug-12 Oct-12 The iPad has seen an ever increasing email open share over the past year. October is the first time we've seen its percentage of email opens decrease. A sign people are moving to other devices, or will we see a bump thanks to the iPad Mini? switched to Android and iOS. Smartphone Marketshare by Region 25% 25% 28% 10% 12% 6% 43% 49% Australia Brazil France 29% 29% 40% 3% 32% 30% 23% 35% 11% Germany UK USA Apple iOS Android Blackberry OS Other Since email opens are skewed by Apple turning on images by default, regional smartphone market share may be another important indicator of where subscribers are opening emails. While email is mostly mobile, it varies greatly by industry and region. Do you know where your subscribers are? Methodology Return Path analyzed data from its email intelligence tools that tracks which platforms and email software programs subscribers use to open emails. For this study, we examined nearly 1.8 billion data points from April 2012 through October 2012. Return Path is the worldwide leader in email intelligence. We analyze more data about email than anyone else in the world and use that data to power products that ensure that only emails people want and expect reach the inbox. Our industry-leading email intelligence solutions utilize the world's most comprehensive set of data to maximize the performance and accountability of email, build trust across the entire email ecosystem and protect users from spam and other abuse. We help businesses build better relationships with their customers and improve their email ROI; and we help ISPS and other mailbox providers enhance network performance and drive customer retention. Return Path Infographic designed by Matizmo - ШИ 000

Email Mostly Mobile

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Mobile devices have changed the way we live, work and even use email. 37% of all opened emails are done on a mobile phone today, and this number is expected to climb. Read more to find out the implica...


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