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Electric Vehicles - How you are Saving Gas and the Environment

ELECTRIC VEHICLE HOW YOU ARE SAVING GAS AND THE ENVIRONMENT IN THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY, ELECTRIC VEHICLES HELD RECORDS FOR BOTH SPEED AND DISTANCE ELECTRIC MOTOR OVER LAND. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES CONTROLLER ARE USED TO PROVIDE POWER TO THE CONTROLLER. POWERS THE MOTOR THE TOP THREE ELECTRIC CARS INCLUDE: NISSAN LEAF FORD FOCUS MITSUBISHI I-MIEV Electric vs. Gas ABUNDANCE OF HOSES, MORE WIRES PIPES, AND FUEL LINES ENERGY EFFICIENT Electric vehicles convert about 59-62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels-convention- al gasoline vehicles only convert about 17-21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS Electric motors provide quiet, smooth oper- ation and stronger acceleration and require less maintenance than ICES. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY EVs emit no tailpipe pollutants, although the power plant producing the electricity may emit them. Electricity from nuclear-, hydro-, solar-, or wind-powered plants causes no air pollutants. DRIVING RANGE Most EVs can only go about 100-200 miles before recharging-gasoline vehicles can go over 300 miles before refueling. BATTERY COST The large battery packs are expen- sive and may need to be replaced RECHARGE TIME one or more times. Fully recharging the battery pack can take 4 to 8 hours. Even a "quick charge" to 80% capacity can take 30 min. GO GREEN The average electric vehicle can travel up to 100 miles per charge. 100 MILES SNOG CHECK Ihe average cost of an electric ve- hicle is about $20,000 (baseline) $30,000 100% Electric-powered vehicles don't require exhaust or emissions tests THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO HAVE 500,000 ELECTRIC CARS AND PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES ON THE ROAD BY 2015 Sources: HOOMAN NISSAN Of Long Beach %24

Electric Vehicles - How you are Saving Gas and the Environment

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Have you taken much thought to the car you're driving and its fuel emission impact on the environment? As more people become aware of gas as a depleting source releasing harmful toxins into the atmosp...


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