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The Elderly & Technology

the Elderly & Technology Older individuals are traditionally late adopters to technology, despite many potential benefits unique to their demographic. Here are some reasons why, and how you can help. Most Common Technology Complaints Senior citizens have unique day-to-day needs that modern technology could help solve. However, many seniors are unaware of these Technology Feels Too Complicated potential benefits. Digital devices can help seniors with staying active, keeping in touch with friends and family, and daily medical needs. In order to solve the problem, we Most Adults Over 50 Feel Nervous About Using New Technology Touchscreens Often Have Smal1 Buttons and Are Difficult to See should ensure that we understand seniors' concerns with technology. Computer Ownership Among The Elderly What Are Seniors Doing Online? 76% 49% facebook 46% photos 91% 42% email 59% shopping 44% gaming 4% Desktop Laptop Tablet 1 in 5 Seniors Suffers From Depression Seniors simply are choosing to not engage with the digital world. There are a multitude of reasons for this, however, the benefits they could gain are quite clear. Many seniors suffer from some form of depression due to loneliness, Cellphone Usage but staying in contact using modern technology can help combat this issue. Be sure to purchase technology that compliments the user's age, instead of ignoring or making fun of it. 1 in 4 of Those Phones Are Smartphones 91% of All Adults Own a Cell Phone 39% of Seniors Use Their Phones Only for Calling Only 55% of Seniors Use Text Messaging 28% 30% 42% 58% 96% 72% 70% 58% of seniors could However, almost 72% of seniors said Most of the seniors not identify most of the symbols often used in digital all of the 18-25 that they felt "less interviewed said that age group identified most of the symbols. than comfortable" they "would like to using technology. know more" about communications. new technology. How We Can Help Seniors With Their Technology Needs Seniors often feel that technology is just 'not for Show the Value of Incorporating Technology into Everyday Life them' without understanding the benefits it can provide to them. In order to dispel this attitude, we need to show them the benefits of including digital solutions to their everyday needs. Despite only 4% of seniors owning a tablet device, the logical interaction of touchscreen makes them ideal for an older demographic. Interfaces Must Attractively Include Large Fonts and High Contrast Elements Explore Alternative Digital Options Such as Touchscreen Devices for Seniors "Seniors are smart shoppers who aren't "I came from the horse and buggy days all interested in useless “bells and whistles" the way to outer space, I've seen amazing many products contain. Show them a reason to use it, show them that technology is much easier than it was 10 years ago, and things happen, and the technology, the iPhone and everything that has been developed since just then.. it blows my they will take the time to learn how to use mind to see what we have now and where it, and spend the money to buy it." we came from." Elie Gindi Betty Love Goodykoontz Founder of ElderGadget 100-Year-Old Tech Enthusiast THANK YOU

The Elderly & Technology

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Senior citizens have unique day-to-day needs that modern technology could help solve. However, many seniors are unaware of these potential benefits. Digital devices can help seniors with staying activ...


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