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To E or Not to E: A Study in the Growing E-Readers Market

The eReading trend has continually grown worldwide. More and more people read news, books, journals, magazines or other periodicals in digital format. The fact that sales of eReaders almost doubled in the last holiday season is a TO E OR NOT TO E solid indication. Here's our quick run-through for those who want to jump the bandwagon and try out a paperless reading experience. E-READER DEVICE OWNERSHIP OVER THE HOLIDAYS A STUDY IN THE GROWING E-READERS MARKET APR 09 SEP 09 di E 3% MAY 10 4% SEP 10 T 5% NOV 10 6% MAY 11 AUG 11 DEC 11 l 10% JAN 12 19% FEB 12 il 21% 25% WHO OWNS E-READERS? Females outnumber males by 2 to 1. 63% are married. People aged 55 and above make up the majority with 30%. 66% 09:04 72% had at least a 61% of eReader 96% also owned a 4-year college degree. owners use their device in bed. desktop or laptop computer in addition to their eReader. WHICH ONE'S FOR YOU? E-READER OR TABLET? SUSHI 101 The surge of tablet PC such as iPad and Samsung Galaxy, and Kindle Fire has diversified the options for consumers shopping for a new ebook reader. SUSHI 101 Let's take a look at how tablets and e-readers differ. LCD or OLED screens, elnk (electrophoretic ink) screen with 16 level of grayscale (and color in very limited cases). just like any smartphones today. Projects 16 million colors. Screen is matte, meaning you can take it outside and read in sunlight without glare. Screen is glossy and back-lit. You can read in the dark, but it's practically impossible to read in sunlight. I can read this SCREEN OK Mainly functions as a reading device. Some offer web browser, and some plays mp3 or audiobook. Browse, play movies and music, take photos, play games, send e-mails, anything you can do with your computer, really. FUNCTION Price ranging from $79 (the new Kindle) to $379 (Kindle DX). Price ranging from $199 (Kindle Fire, Kobo Vox) to $829 (the new iPad). $ 379 $ 800 PRICE Can last up to 4 weeks of use before recharging. Typically can last for about 10 hours with a full charge. BATTERY source: milkwhale

To E or Not to E: A Study in the Growing E-Readers Market

shared by infographical on Apr 26
An interesting study into the growing e-readers market and how it's changing the world of reading and consuming content.


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