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Dubai's Venue Bid for Expo 2020| Tuesday, October 22, 2013| Gulf News Gulf News Tuesday, October 22, 2013 | Tuesday, October 22, 2013| Gulf News Gulf News Tuesday, October 22, 2013I EXPO 2020 EXPO 2020 DUBAI, UAE EXPO 2020 SPECIAL POSTER SPECIAL POSTER DUBAI, UAE A SPECIAL POSTER SPECIAL POSTER EXPO 2020 DUBAI, UAE DUBAI, UAE II II IV Your Illustrated Expo Guide Inspired by nature WORLD EXPO'S Every five years and for a period of six months Every element of the masterplan has been designed with due consideration to its For millennia, traditional Bedouin tents have been uniquely fleible, modular structures Easily assembled, m and reused, the design is highly energy efficient-managing light and shade to create cooling airfiows. In urban settlements, the architecture GULF NEWS OPPORTUNITY DUBAI MEET THE WORLD World Expos attract millions of visitors. The country's stability and safety, its open and dynamic economic environment, the readiness SUSTAINABILITY GREEN TECHNOLOGY QUICK FACTS Assembly Instructions Based on biomimicry principles-the practice of developing sustainable technologies and systems inspired by the desiens of Mother Nature- the Expo's canopy will be constructed to create a carefuly controlled micro-climate capable to manage the hot and cool airfiows without the need for artificial chilling systems. Al these elements are made within an iconic modem structure that emulates the wings of a falcon- devioments inanatural way re-use, striking a balance between long-term requirements for the city as well as the six months of Expo operations. An icon of this green principle is the feather-lke shaped shading structure that not only will provide Step 3 of its infrastructure and multicultural population will deliver a World Expo that will galvanise the hottest months A good esample of this are Separate the two double pages and cut them over the dashed line Put the sheets table and attach the back using scotch tape). the wind towers on your desk or EXPO 2020'S CONCEPT DESIGN world. Hosting the World Expo in the MENASA region for the first time, on the eve of the UAE Pavilios 21 Pavilion Welcome UAES Soth anniversary celebrations, will carry profound m t cover against the elements, but will also create clean energy from the modern technology with ancient wisdom. Wind flows environment rife Bringing the Dubal Expo 2020 theme to ife: 1851 Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, the proposed Master Plan features an open Apartments Serviced London, England Venue designed for a sustainable future The hot aflows go uD and outside across the canopy structure inaugurated the World Expos, as a celebration plaza with three main zones symbolising the Expo bid's three subthemes: The canopy is formed by panels made of photovoltaic material Expo Arena of cultural diversity. creating connections between the nations technological wonders Opportunity Best Practice Area which harnesses the sun's energ.providing sustainable power to all areas of the Exp0 OPPORTUNITY 25m SUSTAINABILITY Gondola Station airfiows will circulate in Meanwhile,cool- 50% to operate the Exposte the pedestrian areas expected visitors during the six months MOBILITY Metro The proposed Expo site, aimed at connecting people's minds, highlights Dubai's designs for an inclusive world West Entrance Station and of the energy needed will be generated from renewable sources between October 2020 and April 2021 1300,000 people are expected on a busy day Expo Rides Retail Area By HUGO A. SANCHEZ 3D Modeler & Infographic Artist JANICE PONCE DE LEON Staff Reporter But when night falls. DUBAI and 153,000 on an average weekday Village 70% of which will originate from outside the host nation for the first time in Expo history harting a world that's more inclusive and Dubai K UAE sustainable for the future begins today- a task the emirate of Facility Medical Expo Centre Dubai has committed to do, world, over the next seven Testament to this is the together with the rest of the Solar Panels Dubal Airport, the world's second busiest in terms of 3000Km years Al Wasl Taxi dron-off/ site where the 2020 World pick up are standardised components, making them easy to store, transport and re-use around the Expo, the UAE. and international passenger traffic Vilane Expo is proposed to be built, a 438-hectare lot equidistant to the Expo Rider Centre rts of Dubai an and Abu Drop-off the world as a lasting symbol of global sustainability. To see what a future Dubal Expo might hold, Gulf News will take you, our readers, on an exclusive tour around the proposed Expo site that will The roof structure will become a canas for spectacular digtal projections with dferent Strategic location Innovation Labs Platforms for active interaction and collaborative The canopy structure wil be based ona cable net structure with steel recycled materias By 2020 will become the busiest globaly accommodating over 1/3 Centraly located not only in the region but globally, the UAE is connected to all corners of the world via world-class airports. A World Expo in Dubai in 2020 will be the first to be held in the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) region. of the Ives withinahour flight of the UAE themes 100m world idea generation among the connect the minds of people and two thirds within eight hours pavilions in each of the of all nations and help create a sust ens to come. Subtheme zones Visitors may look up at the canopy or passengers future for genera- karound the digital multi-media projections that will be part of the night-time shows and Between Dubajand Abu Dhahi. e plaza to witnesst look. outlets Expo site are the three sub- themes of the Expo-Opportu- nity, Mobility, and Sustainabil- ity. Each theme is embodied in Central to the design of the The proposed Expo site will be situated equidistant from the centres of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It's a 10-minute drive from the Jebel All Port, the world's third busiest port, and the Dubai World VIP Car Parking special events. Central-AI Maktoum International Airport. Entrance 277,000 Dubal Dubal International Airport pecitie zones centre called AI named after old Dubai, mean- ing. The Connection. Beside the plara is the Inno- vation Pavilion that provides Station O Ports at the Port Rashid- O Airports Expo 2020 Dubai jobs will be created thanks to the event - Arterial roads .* Etihad Rail Network a platform to spark new ways of thinking and collaboration among participants, visitors, and guest thought leaders to address global challenges. The Expo's legacy lies on the site itself that is projected to outlive the six-month Expo. It Jebel Ali Port Media Centre +50 additional jobs sustained in other parts of the MENASA Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Rd /VIP Car Parking 24,000 Up to Aside from using green technology during the six-month Expo, post-event the Host THE LEGACY PLANS Pavilions will be reconfigured to form a museum and university dedicated to further (Middie East, North Africa and South Asia Dubai Expo 2020 438-hectare site Water Arena region) economy for every Expo employee will be redesigned into a mu- will act as a special research fa- exploring the Expo's themes and ideas. Entrance people could be transported around Emirates Rd cility that will further explore Port Khalifa the site every hour by a Gondola (cable car) system powered by energy generated onsite the Expo's themes and ideas of that perlod a ore Mina Zayed The UAE look and feel is Underground This innovative Linderground Pipeline Distribution €100m The venue's e mium on accessibility. Food and rest areas, medical centres, and restrooms are evenly dis Dubai World Central- AI Maktoum System is powered using enery generated by the canopy. The pavilons wil be serviced without services mpacting pedestrian movement onsite during daytime. reflected everywhere Partnership Fund, International Airport will support Landscaping in each of the zones is specifically dedicated to reflect a feature Expo Live, isa global initiative of tributed around the site for the convenience of visitors VINIWINW Dubal Expo 2020 to harness the convening power of the World Expo for innovation Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi element of the desert-scape from the sand dunes through Based on the Master Plan, facilities for visitors with spe- s for clal needs will be made avail- International Airport MOBILITY NEW LOGISTICS SYSTEMS the wadi to the oasis. 20Km able across the venue to provide easy access to everyone. Local accessibility The transport services wil be extended, making the journey to the Expo a simple and pleasant experience. This initiative engages with the participants over the seven years that lead up to the Hearing loops, a special type of sound system for people with Expo in 2020 DISCLAIMER: 75,000 3 hearing aids, will guide people The images and information with hearing difficulties. The visually impaired will f people are expected to reach the site by Metro The Souq contained herein are based on the concpt master plan Taking every ray of sunshine ind it easy to navigate through the site through the tactile design on peak days Tube system network At the centre of each subtheme zone are clusters prepared for the Dubai Expo 2020 and the plans will develop further over time. As the detail increases, some A fully-automated underground tube system Dubal Expo will create integrated into surfaces for easy This inclusive design high lights Expo bid's plan to not will connect al the major pavilons and support of small pavilions, directly inspired by the 'Arabic souq - the traditional centres for trade and interaction in old Solar panels will be instaled around facities, enabling invisible servicing during a lasting legacy for more than mobility THE HEART OF THE VENUE THE INNOVATION PAVILION It will be a place where presentations, projects, and ideas will be opening hours. elements of the plan may 750 the venue to support the canopy zero-emission buses caled Expo Riders wil provide visitors with easy and environmentaly friendy transportation to and from the Expo site All buldings feature easy access and hearing across the venue allowing navigation with change although the fundamentals of the master plan philosophy will be retained. 2 billion people living in the structure in the production of geen energy. This will meet the electricity ywelcome everyone but a give visitors an enhanced over- all Expo experience. towns and cities across the region. loops. Tactile desgn is integrated into surfaces Situated around the perimeter of the Expo site, large pavilions will form At the centre of the venue is the Al Wasl plaza, the old part of the landscape for the evening presentations. Arabic name for Dubai, meaning The Connection. created, challenged and broadcast to the international community. demand of the facilities, services and the diferent events all senses MENASAregion Sources Duba Epo 2020. epo202ota hic HgA Sanche Sources Dub Espe 200pe2020uba.a gphic HgA Sancher Input ance Ponce de Leon/Robin Chatterge/ourews filight

Dubai's Venue Bid for Expo 2020

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Dubai is bidding for the WORLD EXPO in 2020 and everyone is participating in this amazing task. People from 200 nationalities are living in this city, creating a cultural ambience that only few cities...


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