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Driving With Google Glass

DRIVING WITH GLASS What Google Glass is not What Google Glass is It's NOT a replacement for your cellphone must be paired with your current phone O It is mostly a hands-free device It has a touch panel on the side to scroll through menus It is a voice-activated device } Functions include "Google"; "take a picture": "record a video"; "get directions to"; "send a message to" It's NOT for viewing videos or search queries O It's always available, but not always on display It's on when info is being requested or when a notification comes in It's an HD video camera strapped to your head 5 megapixel camera can record 720p video Is that a cloud on your head? Why, yes it is. Glass will come with 16GB of Flash storage of which 12GB will be usable (and synced with Google's cloud storage service) It's NOT a computer replacement You won't be oble to read full search results on the small screen, but you'll be able to get to relevant info quickly. You'll hear the voices... in your head * The bone conduction transducer will transmit sound from Glass to the inner ear through the bones of the wearer's skull But what does it look like? The display has a resolution that is the equivalent of a 25 inch high-definition screen from eight feet away Will Glass Enable Better Safety or Distract Drivers? 80% OF CAR CRASHES DISTRACTED DRIVERS ACCOUNT FOR NEARLY ParkRowexit 1 in 4 of those drivers 1.55mi were using cellphones at the time of the crash n 10m 11% OF ALL DRIVERS AT ANY GIVEN TIME ARE USING CELLPHONES Google In 2012, the NSC estimates that a crash involving DRIVERS USING CELLPHONES & TEXTING occurs every 024 SECONDS according to the Transportation Safety Group at the National Safety Council According to the National Safety Council, THERE ARE 3 TYPES OF DRIVING DISTRACTIONS Visual Manual Cognitive Is Google Glass visually distracting? We'll have to let wearers and statistics decide Google Glass is not entirely hands-free, some manual interaction is required When people do 2 cognitively complex tasks (like driving and using a phone), it causes the brain to shift focus A Closer Look at Distractions and Drivers: 41% DRIVERS THAT HAVE SET OR CHANGED A GPS SYSTEM WHILE DRIVING IS 36% of adult drivers have read a map while driving Google Glass offers Turn-by-turn navigation, voice commands & optional visual maps Google Glass is meant for Quick glances as opposed to prolonged viewing, not unlike looking at your dashboard. As reviewer Damon Lavrinc noted to Wired: "Glass could replace everything from speedometers to music controls. And do it better in the process." Google Glass However, according to the National Safety Council, COULD MAKE DRIVING MUCH SAFER BECAUSE IT TAKES THOSE DISTRACTING MOBILE DEVICES "HANDS-FREE DEVICES OFFER NO SAFETY BENEFIT WHEN DRIVING." OUT OF OUR HANDS 81% OF DRIVERS ADMIT TO MAKING PHONE CALLS WHILE DRIVING 37% OF DRIVERS ADMIT TO SENDING & READING TEXT MESSAGES WHILE DRIVING According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles PERIPHERAL VISION PLAYS 2 KEY ROLES: STOP Detecting Information Controlling the Vehicle that could affect safety such as road signs, hazards and changes in traffic flow such as when you look in your rearview mirror or when your gaze is centered on the lane "We are putting a lot of thought into the design of Glass because new technologies always raise new issues. We actually believe there is tremendous potential to improve safety on our roads and reduce accidents." - a Google spokesman Google Glass vs Lawmakers West Virginia is taking action against driving with Glass West Virginia is proposing an amendment to add a ban on Gary G. Howell (R) West Virginia House of Delegates "using a wearable computer with head mounted display" though the current wording of the bill allows "hands-free features on electronic communication devices." HOWELL THINKS GLASS WOULD POSE THE SAME PROBLEMS AS TEXTING WHILE DRIVING: "THE PRIMARY THING IS A SAFETY CONCERN," "Criticisms are inevitably from people who are afraid of change, or who have not figured out that there will be an adaptation of society." HOWELL SAID. “THE GLASS HEADSET COULD PROJECT TEXT OR VIDEO INTO YOUR FIELD OF VISION. I THINK THERE'S A LOT OF POTENTIAL Eric Schmidt FOR DISTRACTION." Google co-founder Presented by Carlnsurance Sources: erik schmidt photo, CC-BY Driving/Documents/Dstrct_Drvng_White_Paper_1_2011.pdf Status/bills_text.cfm?billdoc-hb3057+intr.htm&yr-2013&sesstype-RS&i-3057 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Driving With Google Glass

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This infographic provides a deeper look into Google glass and how it will affect driving.


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