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Double Your Twitter Followers In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

DOUBLE YOUR Twitter Followers IN JUST 5 MINUTES PER DAY TWITTER IS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS WITH MORE THAN 500 MILLION & 135,000 USERS NEW USERS SIGNING UP DAILY. Whether you are trying to get more followers for your business or your personal brand, it's better to have engaged followers instead of just followers. Spend just five minutes each day doing some of the following and you will be on your way to doubling your followers. Perfect Your Profile Most users will check your profile before they follow you. Profile picture: Personal accounts: Use a close-up photo of your face Business accounts: Use a company logo Take notes from other Twitter bios that you like and write something similar. Bio: The Washington Post declared Hillary Clinton's bio the "best bio ever" IT IS SEARCHA TWITTER, SO USE THE 160 CHARACTERS YOU HAVE TO SHOW HIN Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficianado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD... PEOPLE WHY THEY SHOULD FOLLOW YOU. According to Beevolve, "love" is the most frequently used word in Twitter bios. Tweet More More tweets = More followers According to a study conducted by Beevolve: Users with fewer than 1,000 tweets <1000 usually have less than 100 followers. >1000O Those that have tweeted more than 10,000 times have between 1,001-5,000 followers. >15000 Those with more than 15,000 tweets have between 100,001 to 1 million followers. Those who post on a regular basis tend to have more followers. SCHEDULE TWEETS WITH USING HASHTAGS CAN GROW TOOLS LIKE HOOTSUITE SO THE VISIBILITY OF YOUR THAT YOU ARE CONSISTENTLY TWEETS. POSTING, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE BUSY. DON'T OVERDO THE HASHTAGS. You will see 21% more Be careful when using these tools, too many posts or impersonal broadcasts may turn followers away. engagement when using one or two hashtags compared to using three or more. Use Your Connections in Find connections you already have through email and Linkedin. People are more likely to follow you if you already have a relationship or connection to them. Start by following your contacts on Twitter, make sure you get them all with these steps: GO TO YOUR in EXPORT YOUR SELECT LINKEDIN CONTACTS INA "SETTINGS" CONTACTS PAGE .cSV FILE UPLOAD IT TO IMPORT YOUR EMAIL CHOOSE WHICH YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS CONTACTS ON YOUR CONNECTIONS YOU TWITTER ACCOUNT WANT TO FOLLOW Get Involved Join in on weekly twitter chats, or start your own, and engage with others in your field. YOU WILL: Meet new people (and potential followers) Become an industry insider Learn about your sector and those in it Stay informed on hot topics within your industry Have an outlet to promote your brand Toyoba held a successful Twitter chat with the Toyoba USA President Jim Lentz during the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. 31 During the 60-minute chat Lentz was able to answer 31 questions and engage with Toyota fans. 1500 Travel Weekly holds monthly Twitter chats. Their June chat on #Familytravel received over 1,500 tweets in one hour. Find New Followers Find and follow people that share your and are in your industry. interest Follow those that are Follow the people your engaged in the posts followers follow. that you are Use Tweet Grader, Twitter commenting on and retweeting. Search and other similar tools to help you find Twitter users within your industry. People are more likely to follow you if you are following them, so follow as many people as possible. Search hashtags within your niche and join in on Find and follow influential people within your industry and retweet their posts. conversations. This is a quick way to access hundreds Some Twitter users create public lists that other users can subscribe to. of vetted Twitter users and potential followers within your target audience. Keep Followers Engaged Communicate with your followers: Keep your followers engaged by tweeting content that is interesting to your target audience. @ Mention them Retweet their tweets USE GOOGLE ALERTS TO STAY UP TO DATE ON TOPICS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE IS INTER- ESTED IN, THEN TWEET ABOUT IT. POST PRODUCT-FOCUSED CONTENT OCCASIONALLY, NOT ALL THE TIME, AND PRESENT IT IN A WAY THAT ISN'T OVERLY PROMOTIONAL. When you aren't using this type of content, give them something educational or interesting. According to Buffer App, tweets including links are 86% more likely to be retweeted. SHARE PHOTOS AND VIDEO For example, realtors can share tours of a new house and store owners can share photos of their new window display. According to Buffer App, tweets that include image links get 2x more engagement than those without. Learn From the Best Anton Perlkvist. Anton manages accounts like @Fun and @GoogleFacts and has over 9 MILLION FOLLOWERS. He uses tools like Tweetdeck, Bufferapp and Twitter for iPhone to manage his Twitter accounts. He attributes his success in part to giving the people what they want, understanding what goes viral and how it goes viral. He uses Twitter tools to help him tweet and retweet while he's sleeping. Promote Your Twitter Promoting online, in emails and on your site is important, but it is also important to promote offline. Promobe your Twitter account everywhere! In your store window: Display a sign in your store window encouraging customers to follow you. Business cards: Use a simple customized user name that is easy for others to follow read and search for online. Advertising: Add links or info on your Twitter account to all types Marketing material Include your Twitter info on all of your marketing material, including brochures, magazines, posters, media packets and promotional material. of advertising (magazine, newspapers, radio, TV). Events: Conversation: Include your Twitter info on When you meet new people, make new connections, have all promotional materials used at your event, whether it is a poster at your stand or on flyers you are handing out. phone calls or meetings, mention your Twitter and encourage them to follow you. WholsHostingThis? Sources:,,,,,,,,, LLLL

Double Your Twitter Followers In Just 5 Minutes Per Day

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This infographic will teach you how to double you twitter followers naturally and organically. Whether for your brand or your personal handle, it's better to have engaged followers instead of just fol...






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