Don't Kill Your Phone with a Dodgy Charger

Don't kill your phone with a dodgy charger Not only can counterfeit chargers be dangerous, but they could cause irreversible damage to your phone too. The facts • 1.8 million phone chargers are bought online each year and counterfeits can cost as little as 3p to build. Our tests found that 50% of chargers bought from online trading/auction sites used poor components and none met the UK standard safety requirements. • Genuine Apple chargers have 60+ components. The average fake has less than half this amount. Using a counterfeit charger is risky business Weak battery power Fake chargers often pump out significantly less power than genuine ones, meaning it could take up to twice as long to charge your phone battery. 23 hours until fully charged Explosion (yes, really) Fake chargers can cause devices to overheat and even explode, totalling your phone - and possibly causing you serious injury in the process. Frying your phone The poor quality components that are often used in fake chargers can lead to electrocution, frying your phone's inner workings and leaving you pretty frazzled too. How to identify a fake 3 E Brand CE Model no: 1672BB112 Output 5.0V -- 550mA Check you can plug it in properly Look for 3 Read the important markings instructions carefully Don't just ram it into the socket – if the charger won't easily plug in, it could be because the pins are the Chargers should carry the manufacturer's brand name They should give you info like conditions and or logo, model and batch number, a CE safety mark, and an output voltage and current rating that matches your mobile. limitations of use, how to wrong size, length or distance apart. And that's really dangerous. operate the charger and basic electrical safety guidance. If there are no instructions at all, steer clear! The saving you make by buying a substandard charger isn't worth it. Don't kill your phone with a dodgy charger Visit Electrical Safety First for more information Electrical Safety First about dodgy mobile chargers:

Don't Kill Your Phone with a Dodgy Charger

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Our infographic gathers together all the info you need to know on the many dangers of fake mobile phone chargers


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