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Do Your Personal Finances Compute

%24 DO YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES COMPUTE? 82% BUT ARE PEOPLE FINANCIALLY SMART WHEN IT COMES TO MANAGING THEIR SLOW COMPUTERS? of people use a computer to manage their personal finances 79% of people feel more secure managing their finances on a computer than on a mobile device HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SPEND ON A NEW COMPUTER? Less than 51% $600 20% $707 Average 10% 0% $500 S1000 $1500 49% More than 7o $600 Dollars Expected to Spend But upgrading your old computer's memory only costs an average of $8-$120 GET A FASTER COMPUTER AND SAVE OVER $500 НOW OFTEN DO COMPUTERS NEED REPLACING? COMPUTER COST OVER TIME Percent of Respondents UPGRADING YOUR COMPUTER'S MEMORY IS BOTH COST EFFECTIVE AND PROVIDES SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE 50% $1,649.62 PERFORMANCE 40% COST PER YEAR COST OVER 7 YEARS 30%. $989.80 $887.08 20% 107. $235.66 $141.48 $115.29 07% SO $0 4-5 NOT SURE Number of years REPLACED EVERY REPLACED EVERY UPGRADED AT 3 YEARS 5 YEARS 3.5 YEARS NEXT GENERATION TIP 75% FINANCES Upgrade your old computer's memory before passing it on AGREE "When I am ready to replace my computer, I plan on giving my old computer to my son/daughter." DO IT YOURSELF Paying a manufacturer to upgrade (RAM) is like paying a technician to replace your TV remote batteries. 56% "It is financially smarter to pay more for the manufacturer to upgrade my computer's RAM than upgrading it myself." AGREE 53% "The thought of opening up your computer to install parts is more stressful than managing your personal finances" AGREE RAM INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS: Unscrew panel Remove old RAM Insert new RAM Screw on panel VISIT CRUCIAL.COM FOR STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIALS ON UPGRADING YOUR COMPUTER'S MEMORY DATA SOURCES: Crucial Survey of over 2,000 people crucial DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING .com by Micron Based on the average order price of a consumer DRAM memory upgrade for North American e-commerce customers in 2013. DRAM memory prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in the market and the resulting impact on commodity pricing. The actual cost of a memory upgrade may vary based on module speed, density, and number of modules ordered. ---------- ||||| ||O||| Percent of U.S. Adults %24

Do Your Personal Finances Compute

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Eighty-two percent of people use computers to manage their personal finances. But are people financially smart when it comes to managing their slow computers. Check out this infographic to learn more.




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