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Divergent Realities: Understanding The Differences Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Divergent Realities: AUGMENTED REALITY VIRTUAL REALITY Are we really still conflating AR and VR? They are different and it's time for a conscious -It's time to set the record straight uncoupling AR VR Understanding the Difference Between Virtual and Augmented Reality Augmented Reality Virtual Reality THE WORLD BECOMES YOUR SCREEN YOUR SCREEN BECOMES YOUR WORLD User's physical environment is enhanced to deliver contextually relevant digital content in real-time to the user 100% computer simulated reality where each user can interact with the digital environment they're immersed in 13:05 pm FUSING REPLACING "DIGITAL" AND "PHYSICAL" REALITY THE "REAL" WORLD HOW DOES AR WORK? HOW DOES VR WORK? User's physical environment is enhanced with contextually relevant digital content in real-time to the user Uses goggles, speakers, and sometimes handheld wearables to simulate a "real world" experience in a virtual environment Augmented reality can be experienced with a smartphone or with special hardware Can employ visual, auditory, and haptic (touch) stimulation, so the constructed reality is immersive REAL-LIFE APPLICATIONS REAL-LIFE APPLICATIONS Augmented Reality ADDS TO Virtual Reality BRINGS PHYSICAL-WORLD INTERACTIONS ENTERTAINMENT, MEANING, & USEFULNESS to today's modern world through GAMING, SOCIAL INTERACTION, BUSINESS, AND MORE by overlaying info that's BENEFICIAL FOR WORK AND SOCIAL LIFE • Help co-workers, friends, or family connect when they are in distant locations by projecting the other person's image into the wearer's field of view • Design of complex products for enterprise organizations • Currently virtual interactions are conducted through devices Inetworks that are privately owned and operated and do not work across separate platforms (interoperability) • Intuitive hands-free technology Mont Blanc Aiguille de Plovezan Aiguille de Prainan Oculus Rift Augnefted Cutdoors as 2 ar NE 44El17m) Alt:2764m (a 1' (a10) MULTI-TASK AND RETRIEVE INFORMATION FASTER AND MORE EASILY DIY instructions on anything e.g. first aid, car maintenance, cooking to enginering 1 Playstation VR Real-time hands-free visual translation 2 Tele-presence conferences with friends, family and colleagues 3 Hands free DIY instructions on first-aid, car repatis, cooking and more "Virtual' desktops increase productivity and ergonomics for knowledge workers НTC Vive 5 Experience entertainment in entirely new way without closing off the real world 6 Immediate view of actionable geo-tags with information like safety risks, maps and restaurant reviews By 2021, the MARKET FOR AR AND VR REALITY HEADSETS is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 58% AR vs. VR PROJECTIONS By 2021, mobile augmented reality is projected to become the primary driver of a $108 BILLION AR and VR market $83 $25 That's a 79% AR majority! BILLION BILLION AR Market VR Market VCs and Corporate Investors Are POURING CASH INTO VR & AR STARTUPS AR hardware took close to $4 out of $2.3 $700 every $10 invested! BILLION MILLION 2016 2015 AUGMENTED REALITY VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSETS HEADSETS $0.2 $48.7 $2.1 $18.6 BİLLION BILLION MILLION BILLION 2016 2021 2016 2021 In 2017, a projected 30% of global 2,000 companies will begin incorporating VR AND AR INTO THEIR MARKETING PROGRAMS Pokémon Go's monumental success produced $1 BILLION IN MOBILE AR REVENUE in less than 7 months -becoming the fastest mobile game in app store history to hit this milestone! WHAT'S NEXT IN AUGMENTED REALITY? HARDWARE ОPTICS ADVANCES IN MACHINE VISION enabling contextual overlay including facial recognition and visual search WAVEGUIDE TECHNOLOGY Enables makers of smart wearables to create the Augmented and Mixed Reality of the future with natural looking form factor Раpa's Combines see-through performance with a wide field of view Mama's XXXXX XXXX XX XXXX XX X XXXX XXXXX XXXX XX XX X WORLD LOCKING or seamless anchoring of digital content while viewing real world regardless of head position NATURAL USER INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS with gesture and voice inputs Though gaming may have been the first AR to reach the masses – our social, work, and personal lives will be seeing a new, mixed reality sooner than you think! The Future is Looking Up Sources:,.jsp?containerld=prUS42371517 LUMUS DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Divergent Realities: Understanding The Differences Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

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Virtual reality and augmented reality are two totally different technologies, but people confuse them and lump them together all the time. Learn more from this infographic!






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