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Disruptive Tech

THE GREAT DISRUPTION: THE FUTURE OF PERSONAL TECH In his address to the 2012 Mobile World Congress, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt focused on the 5 billion people lacking the technological resources that Earth's other 2 billion people enjoy. Schmidt noted, "For most people the digital revolution has not arrived yet. Every revolution begins with a small group of people. Imagine how much better it would be with another five billion people online." Schmidt is dreaming of the day when disruptive technology reaches the offline masses and redefines the world. LET'S JOURNEY THROUGH THE PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE OF INNOVATION AND THE DIGITAL FRONTIER: THE HISTORY OF DISRUPTION: THE LAST 20 YEARS Disruptive technologies upset existing markets and networks, replacing dominant technology or creating entirely new industries. SOME RECENT EXAMPLES: PAY PHONES became MOBILE PHONES. PAPER MAPS became GPS. ENCYCLOPEDIAS became WIKIPEDIA. BOOKS became E-READERS. CDs became USBS. USBS became CLOUD COMPUTING. VHSS became DVDS. DVDS became BLURAY. VIDEO Blu-ray Disc THIS CHAIN OF DISRUPTIONS SHOWS THE IMPORTANCE OF WIRELESS GADGETS. 6% 2009 22% TODAY The number of Americans with more than 6 wireless devices ROSE NEARLY 4X in the last 3 years. 2 THE TECH DISRUPTIONS OF TODAY For 30 years, the PC was the king of disruptive consumer technology. IN 2012, THE SMARTPHONE AND TABLET SHARE THE THRONE. (The 2011 PC market was the worst in ten years.) 88% of U.S. adults own a cellphone & 46% own smartphones. In 2011, 65 MILLION tablets were sold worldwide. 65M MORE THAN 60% of tablets sold were iPads. 60+% THE SUCCESS OF SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS STEMS FROM APPS. THE TOOLS THAT TURN OUR DAILY ROUTINES INTO DYNAMIC ENCOUNTERS WITH PEOPLE AND INFORMATION. Some amazing apps: GOOGLE TRANSLATE Translates spoken phrases HELLO IHOLA こんにちは in 24 languages. SKYVIEW Scans your pictures of the night sky and labels the stars and constellations. FLIPBOARD Collects your online reading into an incredibly flexible, digital magazine. FACEBOOK Message, tag pictures, play games, even use other apps within the app. OVER 200 MILLION people access Facebook from their phone. TODAY'S APPS ARE ALSO DISRUPTING YESTERDAY'S SOCIAL MEDIA. SOCIAL NETWORKS HAVE RESPONDED WITH APPS THAT UNITE THE MOBILE AND SOCIAL WORLDS. 60% of all mobile internet time is spent on social networks. FOURSQUARE With over 10 million users, Foursquare is a game of "checking in" at different places and sharing your whereabouts with friends. PATH Turns your life on the web into a running scrapbook for friends to follow. TWITTER Twitter's app makes mobile tweeting an essential. More than 250 MILLION tweets are sent every day. 3 THE FUTURE LOOKS DISRUPTIVE If the last decade is any indicator, another tech revolution is just around the bend. So, what's being done in the name of tomorrow? SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS IN THE NEAR FUTURE WILL FEATURE: WIRELESS CHARGING MATS you simply place your gadgets on. CAR APPS that let you vocally control radio, GPS, and phone while driving. 71% MOBILE-WALLETS that let you swipe your phone to pay for anything. 71% of app users are interested in a payment app. GOOGLE GLASSES that fuse eyesight and a stream of information. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE OF TECH IN DEVELOPING NATIONS? SOME PROMISING EXAMPLES: icOW Kenya's iCow registers a herder's cows and then texts the herder veterinary advice, feeding schedules, and cattle prices. 42% of herders increased their income using iCow. FC POWERTREKK Converts water into electricity, charging smartphones with just a spoonful of water. 10 0 MILLION STOVES A wireless stove monitor that detects hazardous smoke levels in simple stoves found in developing nations. OUT OF NECESSITY, CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY CONSTANTLY REINVENTS ITSELF. These disruptions can improve upon outdated technology or propel us into a barely imagined future. Yet, there is a huge gulf between the fraction of the world that creates and benefits from the very latest and the rest that struggle to simply connect. In 2002, 10 nations represented 86% of the world's total investment in research & development. IT'S HIGH TIME WE SHARE A REAL GLOBAL NETWORK: 7 BILLION CONNECTED PEOPLE. Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD Putm_source-feedburner&utm_medium-feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+Afrinnovatorcom-(Afrinnovator.coml& utm_content-Google +Reader

Disruptive Tech

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Nothing sums up technology quite like the old saying: “out with the old, in with the new.” Whether we’re happy about it or not, our technology changes at a breakneck pace. Yesterday’s tools qu...


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