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Digital Tech Triumphs

DIGITAL TECH Triumphs SINCE THE EARLY 90S, THE DIGITAL LANDSCAPE HAS DRASTICALLY CHANGED – ALL THANKS TO SOME AMAZING DEVELOPMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY. HERE WE TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF THOSE REVOLUTIONARY MOMENTS. HTTP:// |1990 1991 SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL (HTTP) THE FIRST: • 16-bit home gaming console • Console to use C++ as its programming language This application protocol for the distribution and collaboration of hypermedia information systems is the very foundation of the Internet HTTP:// • 16-bit central processing units (CPU) • Graphic processing units (GPU) With HTTP VO.9 first being documented in 1991, the basis of the Internet as we know it was established and regulated VO.9 |1992 intel. 1993 FIRST APPLE POWERBOOK THE PENTIUM PROCESSOR The first of the big name laptops to be truly portable, incorporating many features now considered to be standard Intel's first P5-based microprocessor was released Having already started surfing the web, most computers were suffering in terms of speed and processing power, and Intel made this process smoother Sales were incredibly successful, accounting for 40% of the laptop market Java 1994 SATELLITE TV 1995 Direct TV was the first digital satellite service to begin broadcasting JAVA PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE DIRECTV Prior to this, programmers and developers had very few options for programming languages Satellite TV saw a reduction in large-sized anteannae, with more people gaining greater access to a larger selection of TV channels Java was more user-friendly because it was class-based, concurrent and an object-oriented language 1996 MOTOROLA 1997 5551212 STARTAC O MOTOROLA Motorola was the first MP3 PLAYERS of many to produce a stylish new cellphone design: the flip-phone Long before iPods ruled the world, released their Audio Player - the very first portable device capable of playing MP3S The smallest (3.1 ounces) and lightest phone at the time At a whopping $200 and with only 4MB of memory, the device was expensive and needed rechargeable batteries to run 3.1 oZ The first to incorporate vibration alerts Google 1998 12.21 PM GOOGLE 1999 Google is one of the wealthiest companies in the world THE BLACKBERRY The search engine is now often considered to be the most popular option when surfing the web Research in Motion's first cellphone was launched 1999 2000 PageRank 2001 2002 Within 4 years, they Part of the genius was the idea of the "Page Ranking," something revolutionary as other search engines did not take into account website hits when displaying search results The Blackberry would remain one of the most popular phones on the market for several years - until Google and Apple took over would release their smart phone 2000 USB THUMB DRIVES 2001 Known as flash drives, these handy little data storage units were first available FLASH DRIVE THE IPOD commercially in 2000 Sold by Trek Technology and IBM, the first drives had a 8MB capacity - tiny by today's standards, but at the time this was 5x more space than the commonly used floppy-disk Apple's portable media players revolutionized the music industry Now, with data capacity ranging from 2GB to 160GB, their device has extensive storage capabilities, and Apple offers a variety of players: Shuffle, Nano, Touch and Classic 2002 Ofriendster. THE PHONE TOOTH Invented by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau 2003 Featured on Time Magazine's List of Best Inventions for 2002 FRIENDSTER Designed so that the wearer could embed it in their molar and receive calls Before MySpace and Facebook, social media had its first king: Friendster without handling a conventional phone Being able to add friends, posts statuses and communicate with people online had never been so easy before 2004 FACEBOOK facebook Mark Zuckerberg designed a social media website for college students that soon took on a life of its own, expanding well beyond just campuses TOMTOM Facebook's influence speaks for itself, with 1.19 billion registered users as of September 2013 2005 ТОMTОM ONE At a time when satellite navigation was still considered a luxury, TomTom released their GPS 2006 With its size and affordability, the ONE changed the way we drive - and all but did away with the need for paper maps NINTENDO WII Wii was a game-changer in that its primary concern was with game play itself 2007 The first big motion sensing game console was a coup for Nintendo, and without it we might not have the Xbox Kinect or the PS Move THE IPHONE Smartphones as we know them today would never have been possible without Apple's very first iPhone Transforming the world's idea of what a phone was capable of doing, today Apple has sold over 30 million iPhones 2008 DROPBOX One of the first to be offered to the masses, making cloud storage something everyone could do 2009 Being able to synchronize your data across multiple computers has become increasingly popular. THE TABLET ARCHOS With the launch of Android's Archos 5, the device we know as a tablet became commercially viable Now, a third of U.S. Internet users report they own a tablet 2010 3D Thanks to James Cameron's Avatar, the whole world suddenly caught onto the trend for using 3D in commercial films 2011 From movies to TVs, smartphones and cameras, no longer was the world content with simply viewing 3D GOOGLE CHAUFFEUR content in 2 dimensions The widely talked about autonomous, self-driving cars arrived Using a laser radar system, the car is able to generate a 3D model of its environment, allowing the driver to sit back and relax as the car does all the work 2012 DOGLE GLASS The wearable computer with an optical headmount functions like a smartphone and communicates with the Internet using normal speech commands 2013 THE OCULUS RIFT The device is lighter than a pair of sunglasses This virtual reality headset is poised to revolutionize the way we play games, allowing the user to really become part of the game TIME 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013 on Time Magazine's list SOURCES Hypertext_Transfer_Protocol,28804,1934259_1934277_1934497,00.html USB_flash_drive Dropbox_(service) 1994.html Website Hosting Mobile_digital_media_player 0000

Digital Tech Triumphs

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Take a trip down memory lane as we remember the various digital tools that used to take our breath away.




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