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The Digital Habits of the Elusive Millennial Male

Cracking the Digital Habits of the Elusive Millennial Male HINT: IT'S ALL ABOUT STREAMING Men between the ages of 18 and 34 are consuming content on more screens than ever before. A famously cutting-edge group known for predicting the future of the media landscape, millennial men can tell brands and advertisers a lot about what to expect in the future. Where can brands find them in 2017? We asked 500 of them about their media consumption habits to get a sense of what's coming. So fasten your seatbelts and unplug your cable connections, because 2017 millennial men are more digital than ever. Young males won't be relying on cable in 2017 This group overwhelmingly says they would rather give up cable than give up streaming. 53% 33% 25% of young men already "cut the will pay for cable in 2017 would rather give up streaming cord" 14% 75% will "cut the cord" vould rather in 2017 give up cable 61% of 18- to 34-year-old men agree when it comes to movies: It's all about streaming. 34% say their primary way to watch movies is through a connected device 27% say it's streaming through a computer or mobile device Young men are split on their primary approaches to watching TV: 27% 27% 26% prefer watching on a computer prefer watching shows on TV when they air prefer watching through a connected device For both TV and movies, this audience says the most enjoyable way to watch is through a connected device. When it comes to getting their news, this audience prefers to go online. 21% 5% Social media Printed news 13% TV news 43% Website 18% None of the above To keep up with all this streaming, many young men plan to buy a new digital device in 2017. 21% 11% 10% plan to buy a new plan to buy a new smartphone plan to buy a new wearable digital media player 27% say they are upgrading for faster speeds 9 videology SOURCE: GOOGLE SURVEYS, NOVEMBER 2016 PRESENTED BY

The Digital Habits of the Elusive Millennial Male

shared by niegeborges on Apr 03
An infographic about how millennial men are now more digital than ever.




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