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Digital Camera Buying Tips

Digital Camera What To Consider When Purchasing Ask Yourself What do you intend to use your camera for? . Is it for paid work or purely as a hobby? Are there specific features that you require? • What is your budget? Megapixels Don't get to hung up on having a camera with the most megapixels. Depending on the type of image your capturing, having too many pixels can actually affect the quality of the snap. Megapixel Calculator (for Print) Dimensions of desired print Number of Pixels per Inch 1 million Megapixels Required 300 Zoom Optical vs Digital An optical zoom magnifies the actual image, whereas a digital zoom magnifies the megapixels within the image. Most basic point and click digital cameras rely heavily on digital zoom. What effect does zoom have? The further you zoom in digitally, the more blurry and pixelated the image becomes. It's recommended that you always go for the best optical zoom that you can afford within your budget. Budget Cameras with Optical Zoom? Kodak PixPro AZ521 Olympus SP-820UZ Fuji FinePix SL1000 52x zoom 40x zoom 50x zoom LCD Display LCD Explained LCD is the display technology used to create the screens embedded in the back of nearly all digital cameras. LCD screen sharpness depends, in part, on the number of pixels the LCD can display, and this number should be listed in the camera's specifications. LCDS also appear in most digital photo frames. The LCD screen sits inside the frame and displays the digital photos. Card Compatibility It's important to establish what types of memory cards are compatible with the camera before making a purchase. List of Common Memory Cards Sandisk SanDisk Z 64 Gb Lexar Professional 8GB 128 GB 4.0cn 133x. Spad CompactFlesh SD SDHC SDHC (Secure Digital (Secure Digital High Capactiy) Xtra Capactiy) Compact Flash (Secure Digital) SanDisk FUJIFILM OLYMPUS 32GB 2GB M MMCmobile 512MB Micro SD xD Picture Multi-Media UHS-I Standard SHDC Functions Which functions are most desirable? Whilst shopping around for a camera, bear in mind the functions you'd like it to have. Here we have a list of functions you should look out for: Auto Settings Image Stabilisation Panoramic Ability Face Detection Low-Noise Processor "Photographing a culture in the here and now often means photographing the intersection of the present with the past. .. - David DuChemin Infographic by... Rob Bennett Photography win a u

Digital Camera Buying Tips

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Before you buy a digital camera, there's a few things you should consider. It's easy to find one that looks nice and is a decent price, but this doesn't mean it's necessary the camera for your specifi...


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