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Digital Attacks!

SecurityCoverage Presents. Digital Attacks! How the advent of mobile smart devices and Mobile Malware invasion has changed conventional thinking about mobile device security. The Invasion Begins... Mobile Malware discoveries, by year: The last three years have seen staggering growth in mobile 1st Half 2013 869,474* malware discoveries. 2013 is poised to be the highest year yet!" 1st Half 2012 38,415 2nd Half 2012 87,103 Simple attacks growing, becoming more sophisticated. Social engineering uses common information you post on social increase in the amount of networks to create more e-mail attacks.? personalized phishing email to increase click through rates. Attacks have become commonplace. Using data gathered through social media 70% makes victims more susceptible to falling victim to an attack! Open rate on "spearfishing attack emails, targeted at users based on social media activity.? The Digital Battlefield The Situation Desktop Security Seems Hopeless.. Still A Battleground. Attacks on social media and personal data are relentless. Check out just some of the examples below to see what has happened in Q1 2013 alone! t Even though smart devices are being attacked in record numbers, Desktop computers are still being attacked at astounding rates!3 250,000 Twitter accounts hacked! QI 2013 Scribd. 1,000,000 Scribd accounts hacked! Trojans - 1,001,712 Java Exploit - 179,896 Malware - 77,316 Adware - 19,077 Worm/Other - 5,735 90,000 Wordpress accounts hacked! I6K 16,047 attacks per day livingsocial 50,000,000 Living Social accounts breached! 669 attacks per hour 11 attacks per minute Vudu requires customers to reset passwords after breach! కది What is the Enemy Looking For? Digital invaders are looking to steal your personal information. Finances, contacts, SMS text messages, passwords and anything else they can get their slimy appendages on. Turning the Tide. Hope is not lost. Fight back with preparation! Taking simple preventative measures including OS updates can stop up to 96% of cyberattacks." 4 AV/Malware Protection Anti-virus & Malware Protection is now just as important for smartphones as it is for desktop computers! Coupling it with powerful anti-theft features to lock, locate, message or wipe a stolen device protects you from electronic and physical threats. File Protection They want your data... so protecting your files, photos and contacts is crucial. Use secure cloud tech to keep your information and mobile lifestyle away from the front line of this battle. Password Security Keeping your password secret is important. Using complex and unique passwords shields your identity from nasty invader probes. Sources 1: AV-Test Android Malware Statistics: Android samples stats with avg growth rate projections. June 2011 - Jan 2013 *Projected growth over the first half of 2013. 2: FireEye, Inc. Whitepaper: ( 3: Desktop Quarterly Malware Report: SecurityCoverage, January 2013-March 2013 4. 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report: ( data-breach-investigations-report-2011 en xg.pdf) Brought to you by: SecurityCoverage (319) 298-4700

Digital Attacks!

shared by SELLIOTT on Jul 09
In honor of the 66th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident's reporting, we've created a fun, alien-themed review of the changing battlefield for smartphone and tablet users and how digital invaders ...




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