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Digimarc Guardian Watermarking For Publishers

DIGIMARC GUARDIAN WATERMARKING FOR PUBLISHERS A NEW SOLUTION TO SAFEGUARD E-BOOKS Piracy of intellectual property is a critical concern for e-book publishers and distribution platforms. With global consumer e-book revenues set to exceed $12 billion in 2015, the industry seeks solutions to protect authors' work while ensuring ease of access to electronic media across multiple devices. Solutions from Diginmarc Guardian Watermarking help publishers and consumers achieve peace of mind. E-BOOK SALES ARE MASSIVE & GLOBAL In a recent survey, 75% of respondents across 13 countries said they expect to read e-books this year. The collective population of those countries is approximately 1.84 billion people! 80 million e-book units will have shipped from 2008 through 2015 10000000E000000 G « OUR SOLUTION PROVIDES > > : • Ease of integration seamless support to publishers. • Ability to scale with volume to reach readers wherever they are. "It is cost effective, can be implemented quickly, and doesn't interfere with the end-user experience. Most importantly, Digimarc has the reach to deliver this service on a global basis with very little impact on logistics" -Tyler Ruse, General Manager, LibreDigital "This technology, alongside the monitoring and takedown service, helps us better protect our authors' content." -Chantal Restivo-Alessi, Chief Digital Officer, HarperCollins Publishers EXISTING E-BOOK PROTECTION SOLUTIONS ARE FLAWED Digital rights management (DRM) encrypts protected material. DRM-cracking tools exist for all three major e-book formats. One survey found bestselling indie titles without DRM generate average daily earnings 110% or greater than titles with DRM at multiple prices. Indie publishers use DRM on roughly 50% of units. Those self-published titles without DRM account for 64% of sales. DIGITAL WATERMARKING O Deterrent to File Sharing AND DRM • Cost-Effective O Deterrent to File Sharing O User-Friendly • Traceable • Persistent Through Tampering Efforts • Complementary to Anti-Piracy « OUR SOLUTION PROVIDES >>>>: • Full compatibility with DRM • Improved consumer experience. solutions with the ability to • Functionality as both social deterrent and an identification technology. operate independent of DRM. • Cost savings. Deploy a user-friendly alternative to DRM. Leverage industry-leading technology to embed imperceptible, robust digital watermarks in copyrighted content. Track leaked and illicitly distributed content back to the source. Discourage initial piracy with the use of a social (visible) watermark. Provide full circle anti-piracy protection to copyrighted material. TRACEABILITY REMAINS A KEY CONCERN With so many readers, it is expensive and time consuming to track down illegal content usage. « OUR SOLUTION PROVIDES >>> • An anti-piracy service that crawls • Traceability of content either the web for watermarked content. before or after general release. • A direct-to-publisher, anonymized digital ID to match against • Identification of potentially unreliable distribution channels. transaction records. PUBLISHERS MUST GUARD AGAINST PIRACY One study suggests e-book unit sales are 15% higher with piracy protection. 15 Publishers might earn close to $630 million each year from sales of e-books from one major bookseller alone. That means a 15% increase in sales would boost earnings to more than $724 million. « OUR SOLUTION PROVIDES >>>>! • Cloud-based platform with API • Visible social watermarks indicating support for EPUB, PDF and the customer, date of purchase and/or file protection information. MOBI formats. TAKE E-BOOK SECURITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL Let us show you how we provide peace of mind while ensuring an excellent reader experience. DIGIMA RC| @ SOURCES: 1. "Gikbal entertainment and media outlook 2014-2018. Book publishing." Pricewaterhouse Coopers. htp:/w.pwcomigeenigkbelertertairment-medie-cut- looksegment-reights consumerand-educational-book-putiching htri 6. "Ebcok Formats, DRM and You -A Guide for the Perplexed "Apprentice All's Blog. ttps lappenticealtwordpress com/2011/01/13etooks-tomats-dm-and-you-%E2%80% 94-a-guide-tr-the-peplead 2. "Gobal eBook Survey 2013 by Bookboon." Bookboon. htp:bockboon.combiog bookboon-come-dotel-ebook-sunvey 7. "The Pros and Cons of DRM "The Future of Ink, htp/ pros-and-cons-at-dm 3. "Shipments of e-book readars worldwide from 2008 to 2016 (n milon unts). Stalista. tp://www.sttista comistatistics/272740gotal-stipments-of-e-took-eades/ 8. "The World Factbook." Central Inteligence Agency. ps/wdagwtriry publications/te world-ficttook 4. "July 2014 Author Eamings Report." AuthorEamings com. htp/autoreamings comteportjuly-2014-attareanings veport 9. "Estimating Kinde E-Bock Sales For Amazon." Trefis Team via htp /w.forbes.oom/stes/greatpeculatore/2014/04/02estimating-kinde-ebook sies tr-aman 5. "Piracy Takedown Nolices Increase E-Book Sales, Research Finds." https://onenteakcom/piracy-takedown-notoes-icrease- e-book-saks-140606/

Digimarc Guardian Watermarking For Publishers

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Digimarc was looking to create a graphic that informed about there new Watermarking product, something to help them clearly illustrate the benefits of their technology. They were looking to utilize so...




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