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Difference between Xbox one, PS4 and WiiU

PLAYSTATION 4 vs. XBOX ONE vs. WII U THREE POPULAR GAMING CONSOLES WITH STATISTICS WII U COMPARISION XBOX ONE PLAYSTATION 4 Developer Developer Microsoft Nintendo Developer Sony Computer Entertainment Manufacture Manufacture Nintendo, Foxconn, Mitsumi Manufacture Microsoft Sony Computer Entertainment Generation Generation Eighth Generation Generation Eighth Generation Eighth Generation Release Date Release Date November 18, 2012 Release Date November 2013 Quarter-4 2013 Introductory Price Introductory Price $299 Introductory Price $499 US $399 Predecessor Predecessor Wii Predecessor Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Graphics Graphics 550 MHz AMD Radeon GPU Graphics AMD Radeon variant Semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU Backward Compatibility Backward Compatibility Wii Backward Compatibility No No Native support Cloud- support Planned Online Services Online Services Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii, Wii U Chat, Wii Street U Online Services Xbox Live PlayStation Network TIMELINE OF ALL VERSIONS NAME VERSION RELEASED DATE COUNTRY PlayStation PlayStation 1 December 3, 1994 Japan PlayStation 2 March 4, 2000 Japan PlayStation Portable December 12, 2004 Japan PlayStation 3 November 11, 2006 Japan PlayStation Vita December 17, 2011 Japan PlayStation 4 Q4 2013 Japan NAME VERSION RELEASED DATE COUNTRY Xbox Xbox November 15, 2001 North America Xbox 360 22 November 2005 United States Xbox One November 2013 NAME VERSION RELEASED DATE COUNTRY Wii Wii November 19, 2006 United States Wii U November 18, 2012 North America TOTAL WORLDWIDE SALES BY PLATFORM (IN MILLIONS OF UNITS) PLAYSTATION 4 Units Sold PlayStation (PS) →104.25 million Units Sold PlayStation 2 (PS2) 157.68 lion Units Sold PlayStation Portable (PSP) 79.39 million Units Sold PlayStation 3 (PS3) 78.22 million Units Sold PlayStation Vita (PSV) 5.36 million PSVITA XBOX LIVE Units Sold 24.65 million Units Sold 77.88 million Xbox (XB) Xbox 360 (X360) WII Units Sold Wii (Wii) 99.99 million Units Sold Wii U (wii U) +3.24 million Statistics of Top Selling Games Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold 10.95 20.81 7.50 0.98 12.77 million million million million million Sold Sold Sold Sold 8.49 20.20 81.38 2.14 million million million million Video Gamers - Statistics V More than 65% of households In United States play vldeo games. Every 2 out of 5 gamers In the unlverse are fenmales. The average age of the gamer Is 35 years More than 19 0 million households make use of next generatlon game consoles to play thelr favourlte video game. Individuals who are 40 years old will frequently purchase the vldeo games In United States, the vldeo game Industry will directly or Indirectly employ more than 80,000 people within 31 states Currently Callfornla, Washington, Texas, New York and Massachusetts are the leading US states that provide more number of Video gamer Jobs. From the total vldeo gamers In US, 25% are under 18 years, 49% of gamers are aged between 18 to 49 years and 26% of gamers are aged above 50 years. Console Players - Male Vs Female Type of Console Players 11% 38% Xbox 360 80% 41% Wii 9% 21% PlayStation 3 Action Arcade Shooter 19.0% 0.2% Flight 18.4% 0.6% Sport Games 14.8% Children's Entertainment 0.8% Family Top Selling Game Super Genres by Units Sold 11.0% Entertainment Other Games, Compilations 2.1% 9.5% Adventure 2.8% 7.2% Strategy Role-Playing 3.7% 5.8% 4.0% Fighting Racing Casual What makes so popular? PlayStation Sony has amazed the entire world with its great innovations. The CD technology used by the company has allowed them to build high resolution games with larger space. Xbox Xbox was the Microsoft's first venture into the gaming console market. It gave a stiff competition to Sony's PlayStation 2, and Nintendo's GameCube. Xbox SmartGlass that comes with few selective games has made entertainment more incredible. Wii The touch screen that comes with Wii is an enthralling idea. It has all the buttons and knobs required to make conventional games. It offers support to different game play options and control schemes. What's new? PlayStation V By the end of the year, PlayStation will unveil its latest gaming console, PlayStation 4. The PS4 gaming console will hit your local video game stores very soon. The PS4 was designed based on the theme "frictionless and seamless" that gives users an incredible gaming experience. Xbox The latest version of Xbox is Xbox One and it delivers an astounding gaming experience for all existing Xbox users. The innovative technology behind Xbox is clearly depicted through its iconic design. V Sharp corners and clean lines used on the Xbox make it a modern and perfect gaming console. Wii Wii U is the successor of Wii and offers a stiff competition to Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. The concept of a touchscreen embedded within the controller makes Wii U a great gaming console. V Miyamoto and his team inserted a small screen to offer feedback for the players. Sources: GADGET GEEK DESIGNED BY gř Xbox (XB) Game:Halo 2 Xbox 360 (X360) Game: Kinect Adventures IM Game: Wii Sports n IM Game: Nintendo Land

Difference between Xbox one, PS4 and WiiU

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This info graphic depicts on comparison of three popular gaming consoles with their timeline and statistics. Xbox One and PS4 have used same kind of octa processors and the processing speed is 1.6GHz.


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