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Diamond British Inventions

DİAMOND BRITISH INVENTIONS Great British Inventions under the Queen's reign 1955 First automatic electric kettle The KI Kettle aby Russell FACT 165 million cups of tea are made every 1966 day in Britain. That's 60.2 billion cups of tea a year. Cash dispensing ATM by James Goodfellow FACT England win the 1966 World Cup In 2011, UK cash machines were used 2.87 billion times, with an average withdrawal of E67 per visit. FACT Concorde used to cruise at 1350 mph, faster than every model of the Harrier Jump Jet and twice as fast as any other commercial 1969 Concorde aircraft since. First commercial supersonic airliner British Aircraft Corporation & Aerospatiale 1979 Margaret Thatcher First Female Prime Minister IXI System The world's first digital audio player by Kane Kramer 1983 Dyson vacuum cleaner First bagless FACT The most famous digital music player on the planet, the iPod has sold over 300 million units since it was launched in 2001. vacuum cleaner (released commercially in Japan as "G-Force") by James Dyson FACT Rejected 5,127 prototypes before the bagless cleaner was finally brought to the market 1989 FACT World Wide Web The structure of the modern Internet The indexed World Wide Web contains at least 8.4 billion pages 1995 by Tim Berners-Lee Hyper Text Markup Language The main markup language for all web pages by Tim Berners-Lee FACT Berners-Lee uploaded the first ever photo onto

Diamond British Inventions

shared by southcoastdavid on Jun 01
An infographic charting some great British inventions that have happened during Queen Elizabeth's reign. these include the ATM, Concorde, the World Wide Web and the iPhone.


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