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Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation

DEVELOPER ECONOMICS Q3 2013 vision mobile STATE OF THE DEVELOPER NATION Tracking the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetisation trends, revenue models and tools. This infographic presents a small selection of data and insights from our latest Developer Economics Q3 2013 report,based on a developer survey of over 6,000 developers from 115 countries. Want more insights? Visit How entrenched is the platform duopoly, and who's the 3rd horse? 72% 71% Q1 2013 Android and iOS lead in terms of mindshare, HTML5 comes third. Q3 2013 56% 57% 50%, 52% of Mobile Developers: 21% 21% 71% use Android 15% 57% use ios 52% use HTML5 Windows BlackBerry 10 Phone Android iOS HTML5 mobile n=5,271 HTML5? Let's see how developers use that Most developers go straight to the browser 39% of HTML5 mobile developers go beyond the browser using tools such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator or Windows 8 HYBRID, within a native wrapper (e.g. PhoneGap) 27% Other Web apps 23% HTML Mobile websites NATIVE, via an 5% HTML-to-native conversion tool 38% (e.g. Appcelerator) 7% NATIVE, via a platform - provided framework (e.g. Firefox OS) % of HTML5 developers per development method n=2,275 Which other platforms are developers using aside from their primary? There are more iOS developers also using Android than vice-versa 69% of iOS developers use Android, but just 40% of Android developers use iOS as their second choice, just ahead of HTML5 mobile (29%). When primary platform (Android), developers also use: When primary platform (1OS), developers also use: 40% iOS 69% 29% 39% 32% 20% When primary platform (HTML5), developers also use: HTML Secondary platform of developers, based on the primary platform they use n=5,271 So, which developers make the most money? iOS leads in average monthly revenues - but Android is closing the gap At $5,200 per developer per month on average, ioS continues to be the most revenue-generating platform for developers, ahead of Android by a margin of 10% MOST POPULAR REVENUE MODELS iOs $5,200 Pay per download, In-app purchase $4,700 In-app advertising, Pay per download Android $3,600 In-app advertising, Pay-per download Windows Phone Contract, HTML5 (mobile) $2,900 In-app advertising BlackBerry 10 $I,200 In-app advertising, Freemium Average monthly developer revenue for each platform n=2,085 How much is the app economy worth? The global app economy was worth $ 53BN in 2012, and expected to rise to $ 68BN in 2013 The mobile segment corresponds to 12.6% of the global developer population. In other words, 1 in 8 software developers is involved in mobile development in 2013 NORTH AMERICA Developers in region: 525k Balance: -15% EUROPE Developers in region: 531k Balance: +3% $15bn $15bn $24bn $21bn ASIA -PACIFIC Developers in region: 588k Balance: +22% $12bn $9bn MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Developers in region: 86k Balance: +23% LATIN AMERICA Developers in region: 63k Balance:-90% $3bn $4bn $3bn $ibn Key Balance is the difference between App GDP and Sales in the region and is positive when app GDP exceeds sales Sales App GDP Size of the app economy, by region More data? What drives developers to create apps? The pyramid of developer motivations - the lower, the better Creativity (53%) & the fun of building an app (40%) Money are the top motives for developers 28% Money 29% Industry An exciting industry to be in 34% Building a successful business Business 40% The fun of building an app Fun 53% Achievement Being creative /sense of self achievement Top 5 Motivations, by % of developers n=4,644 More info on developer segments? CC The data presented in this infographic are based on an online survey of over 6,000 respondents, conducted by VisionMobile in Q2 2013 The full findings from the survey are available for free at VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy and mobile business models. Our research and workshops help clients compete and win in their rapidly changing industries. Our mantra: distilling market noise into market sense. The firm's semi-annual industry report series, "Developer Economics", provides CREATED BY: vision mobile benchmarking of developer attitudes, trends and monetization by region. Developer Economics is now the largest, most global research on the apps economy, currently surveying over 6,000+ mobile apps developers worldwide. LD 39%

Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation

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An infographic presenting some of the key data from the Developer Economics Q3 2013 analyst report, tracking the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetisation trends, revenue models an...


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