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Develop a Five Year Data Architecture Plan

INFO~TECH 1-877-876-3322 RESE ARCH GROUP Develop a Five Year Data Architecture Plan Secure your footings in data to lay a foundation that will withstand the winds and rain of the IT disruptors of today and tomorrow O Have you done a Datá Audit? You Are Here Down the Road Cloud Big Data Mobile Data Trust Analytics As a Chief Architect you have realized that cloud and mobile computing are changing where and how data is stored and accessed, increasing data provenance and management headaches. Big Data and Analytics are upon us. Architect for change to reduce chaos and plan for each disruptor's impact on your environment now Data Audit Who? Now 5 Years Manage your data or end up lost on the information highway with no map to follow. Use the Info-Tech Data Architecture Plan template to create your information highway map. and into the future. Data Audit 1. Assess your current data architecture • Don't reinvent the wheel: start with a reference data architecture to develop your own information foundation. The Open Group (TOGAF®) is an industry consortium that has a detailed framework of models, methods and tools to create an enterprise level architecture THE Open GROUP • Use architecture to understand where data resides in relation to enterprise and technical drivers • Use data principles to shape the data architecture into being relevant to the business and IT An enterprise level Data Architecture will help you deal with and plan for data disruptions. A holistic view of data repositories, governed by set principles, policies, and guidelines relevant to the organization and the information it manages will prepare you for dealing with changes in data, technology, and resource requirements. Managing your Data 2. Identify immediate disruptors Data entity relationships in enterprise architecture are being impacted by today's IT disruptors 3. Determine the most effective use of data management technologies and approaches 010010110001i000 1000110001100010 01111000010101011 10110010010010110 The cloud is changing data models, data security, and data access methods. The cloud is also changing where data is stored and how it is integrated Data management and virtualization are re-shaping information system services and application architecture Manage data and virtualization Managing the Cloud Mobile is changing where and how the actors are accessing data through business services 1. Perform your due diligence before migrating systems to the cloud (57% of organizations surveyed are in the process of developing cloud policies and processes now) 1. Set policies to manage data trust and the provenance of data. 70% of organizations surveyed are either in the process of developing, or planning to develop policies to manage data trust Managing Mobile ISsues 2. Hire an IT staff that is skilled in complex data architecture 1. BYOD is here. Ask the question: how will you protect and secure BYOD data? 70% of organizations surveyed are experiencing headaches associated with 2. Focus on improving data quality for the business, not IT 3. Don't transfer your dirty data. Ensure your data is accurate and reliable before moving it skyward 3. Employ data validation rules end-user compliance BYC nforce 2. Implement access controls and policies to limit who has access to corporate 4. Manage data security in the cloud 4. Use data virtualization to gain faster time to value in data aggregation and reporting efforts information and where and when. 72% of organizations are more worried about careless employees than hackers 3. Hire an IT staff that is mobile literate 4. Enforce end user compliance through policies including the Info-Tech comprehensive AUP and Remote Wipe Waiver At the root of all data is a person, place, or thing: use your master data as an index to connect your data repositories. Master data management maintains a single source of truth for people, places, and things relevant to an organization. Use an MDM repository as an enterprise data integration index. The Future 4. Identify future disruptors Big data is impacting the scale of data storage, management, and processing Analytics are changing the business' data process objectives. - Master data is the key to unlocking the data trust vault - Master data is the link between big structures and unstructured data - Master data is the basis of analytics 5. Review your data architecture plan Use data encryption as your primary method of maintaining data security Create a single version of the truth by implementing a master data management solution Volume Security Policies for End-User Access Data Privacy Policies Regulatory Compliance Policies Value Master Data Management Data Governance Velocity Variety Data Encryption Degree of Grief Reduction Score The 4 Vs of Big Data Data Encryption To deliver value from big data you must manage the volume and variety of data that is coming at you at a high velocity Data Encryption is the number one method used to reduce data architecture and data security woes, CRM ERP MDM Holding off on encryption can cause significant security pain, particularly if your organization supports mobile device usage or uses cloud services 06 80- 70 60 50 40 POS Master Data Managemen Master Data Management implementation helps to create a single version of the truth Positive Impacts of MDM Duplicate records will be resolved, relationships between data will be detected and declared. Data will be made available to the applications, people, and processes that need it "Big" skills are in high demand but short supply. Plan for new positions to manage Big Data and perform analytics. Be prepared to pay a premium or go (back) to school to get them. Start this project today by calling 1-877-876-3322 Use our Develop a Five Year Data Architecture Plan Blueprint * Best Practice Toolkit Includes: Guided Implementations: PE 115 Do-It-Yourself Project Slides Current Architecture Assessment INFO-TECH wE Data Architecture Plan I Immediate Disruptor Assessment RESEA RCH GROUP Data Scientist Job Description Data Management Assessment Data Architecture Plan Program Charter Future Disruptor Assessment Data Change Communication Plan Template ( Architecture Plan Assessment 1-877-876-3322 Authorization, Identification & Authentication Policy Plus: Onsite workshops available Plus: 4 other tools and templates Source: Data Architecture & Management Processes Implemented seaooia pazruU ata Stand ards

Develop a Five Year Data Architecture Plan

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Secure your footings in data to lay a foundation that will withstand the winds and rain of the IT disruptors of today and tomorrow


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