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The Declaration of Independence and Electronic Signatures

THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES What if we'd ratified the Declaration of Independence with e-signatures? 1. IT COULD HAVE BEEN SIGNED BY ALL 56 DELEGATES ON JULY 4TH It took nearly a month for everyone to sign July 1776 E-signature technology would have allowed all delegates to sign on the same day, no matter where they were 2. THE VALIDITY OF DELEGATE SIGNATURES COULD HAVE BEEN GUARANTEED AT THE TIME The delegates' electronic signatures would have 01010110100 00011000101 been backed 00011001010 by a detailed 10101000110 00101001001 audit trail 01010000100 00001010010 3. DELEGATE SIGNATURES' VALIDITY COULD STILL BE PROVEN TODAY – AND FOREVER But, only if the signers of the Declaration of Independence had used Independent Electronic Signature technology INDEPENDENT VS. DEPENDENT ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES DEPENDENT INDEPENDENT E-SIGNATURES E-SIGNATURES Signature evidence only through online link to vendor, not actually in the document Signature and evidence permanently embedded in the document of Verification Verification viewable viewable online only offline with a PDF viewer Documents stored on vendor's Can be stored on your server server, a portal for potential hacking outside your control alone, reducing avenues to data that fraudsters could use wwww Based on proprietary, technology that may disappear with the vendor Based on published, global standards – independent of vendor Not future-proof, because technology is based on private processes Future-proof, because technology is based on international standards • DAY . 15 THE BENEFITS OF INDEPENDENCE SAFETY TRANSPARENCY Independent e-signatures Independent e-signatures provide the user with immediate and complete access to the evidence supporting their validity carry a much lower level of risk than dependent e-signatures because of all of the preceding benefits 360 wwwww FREEDOM LONGEVITY OWNERSHIP & CONTROL Independent e-signatures are valid forever because they The user of independent adhere to e-signature technology controls where signed international, published standards, which will always be discoverable, even if documents reside and can allow them to be verified offline at any time they fall into disuse TO LEARN MORE, VISIT Brought to you by SOURCES things-you-may-not know-about the-declaration-ol-independence kesinat overview.html SIGNIO -standards/iso27001htm

The Declaration of Independence and Electronic Signatures

shared by emaxie on Jun 21
What if America’s Founding Fathers had ratified the Declaration of Independence with electronic signatures via the Internet instead of with wet ink signatures in person? It could have been signed b...




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