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Deciding whether to buy a 4K TV this holiday?

2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: SHOULD I BUY A 4K TELEVISION? What is 4K? Remember when you upgraded your TV from standard definition to high definition? 4K is the next generation of high definition. Think of it as VERY High Definition. TV manufacturers even call it Ultra High Definition. 307,200 pixels 2,073,600 pixels 8,294,400 pixels Standard definition High definition 4K /Ultra high definition That's amazing. So, I'm definitely getting a 4K TV? Well, eventually, yes. In the next few years, most TVs sold will be 4K. The question is whether to buy 4K in 2015. That's not as easy of a question to answer. QUESTIONS Are you going to buy a very large TV? 60+ inches. YES NO 4K resolution is so high that unless you have a really big screen, your eye can't easily tell the difference between high definition and 4K. Do you like sitting close to your TV? Less than a NO YES Do you want 4k anyways? dozen feet. YES NO Sitting closer delivers a more immersive viewing experience, but its not for everyone. The further away you are, the less noticeable the benefit of 4K. Are you willing to spend a little bit more for the YES latest technology? In order to get the full 4K experience, you need 4K video content. Right now, that's mostly movies and original programming on streaming services. It will be years before 4K is regularly broadcast on cable. 4K prices are dropping quickly, but still cost at least a few hundred dollars more than a comparable high-definition television. In 2016, that gap will Do you watch a lot of movies? narrow even further. Do you want 4k anyways? YES YES NO For now, the only place to watch 4K movies is via streaming movie services. That requires a fast internet connection. Netflix recommends at least 25 megabits-per-second. Do you have a fast internet connection? That's definitely a sensible decision. 2016 is going to be a great year to upgrade to 4K. Prices are coming down and more 4k video content will be available. YES NO Do you really want 4K? YES IE Go for it! 4K is coming and coming quick. If you buy now, you are just going to be paying a little more. Chances are, you'll forget about the price tag as soon you load up your first 4K video. IF YOU DECIDE TO BUY 4K Buy from a well-respected TV manufacturer. Your 4K Make sure the TV is HDCP TV is a really impressive technical feat. Top manufacturers put in the right components to make sure it runs as it should. 2.2 compliant. HDCP is how entertainment companies make sure you don't copy their content. If your TV isn't HDCP 2.2 compliant, it won't work with upcoming 4K devices, like the 4K Blu-ray player. 可 ( HDCP 2.2 SOURCES OF 4K CONTENT For the next year, these will be your best bet for reliable 4K video content. N amazon > Netflix YouTube Amazon 4K Blu-ray player Instant Video (Available at the end of 2015) TV Adviser cuts through the marketing gobbledygook to help you find the right TV. TV ADVISER Find your perfect TV at 米

Deciding whether to buy a 4K TV this holiday?

shared by timtvadv on Sep 30
As the 2015 holiday season ramps up, you are going to see a lot of advertisements for "4K Televisions". What is it? Do you need it? Our infographic explains 4K TVs and helps you decide if you should ...


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