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DDoS Attackers Double Down on Gambling Sites

DDOS Attackers Double Down on Gambling Sites The threat of DD0S attacks on the gambling industry is ever present and growing. See how the odds stack up against online gaming sites. Global Online Gambling Revenue (Billions USD) Online gaming and betting is a $40 billion industry that has tripled in size over the last decade. $50 $45 $40 $35 $30 $25 $20 $15 $10 $5 $0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015f 2016f 2017f 2018f 2019f DDOS Attacks DDOS attacks make a website or application unavailable by overwhelming it with illegitimate traffic. IMPACTS Slows down Makes websites websites unavailable OUTCOMES Loss of Loss of Sensitive Data Consumer Trust Loss of Loss of Revenue Customer Base The House Doesn't Always Win %240/hr $40K/hr VS Average cost to hacker Average cost to company to hire DD0S Botnet from a DDOS Attack Odds Against Online Businesses DDOS attacks are much more prevalent than online companies may think. If you're an online business, the odds are you'll get hit. 9 in 20 3 in 4 Companies get attacked Attacked more than once 9 in 10 1 in 10 Attacked in last 12 months Attacked in last week Rigging the Game Service outage during sporting events can cause users to go to competitors' sites to place bets. 1in 2 Attacks is launched by competitors. LATENCY MEANS LOSS Online gaming, including sports betting and poker, can be crippled by even slight latency. 60% of online gaming is real time in nature SOURCES: Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy Incapsula 2015 DD0S Report Vanson Bourne Survey IMPERVA| Incapsula Imperva Incapsula is a cloud service that protects, accelerates, and improves the reliability of websites and applications.

DDoS Attackers Double Down on Gambling Sites

shared by biancagorospe on Feb 22
Due to the rise of the $40 billion online gambling industry, DDos attacks on these sites are increasing in possibility. Find out more about the business impact of DDoS attacks on these online gambling sites


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