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Data Storage: From Punch Cards To Holograms

The Evolution of DATA STORAGE From Punch Cards To Holograms BYTE (8 bit) 1 Byte = A single character (A) 10 Bytes = A single word (Applesauce') 100 Bytes = Telegram or punch card TIMELINE COST OF DATA KILOBYTE (1,000 bytes OR 10³ bytes) PER 1 Kilobyte = A very short story 2 Kilobytes = A typewritten page 10 Kilobytes = Static web page 100 Kilobytes = Alow-resolution photograph 200 Kilobytes = A box of punched cards MEGABYTE 1956. $10,000 MEGABYTE (1,000,000 bytes OR 10° bytes) 1980 1 Megabyte = A small novel OR a 35 inch floppy disk 5 Megabytes = The complete works of Shakespeare OR 30 seconds of TV-quality video 10 Megabytes = A minute of high-fidelity sound OR a digital $193 1987- SHAKESPEARE chest X-ray 20 Megabytes = A box of floppy disks 500 Megabytes = A CD-ROM OR the hard disk of a PC 06$ 1989- •1988 $53 $12 1990 $9 GIGABYTE (1,000,000,000 bytes OR 10° bytes) 1995 90¢ 1 Gigabyte = A pickup truck filled with paper OR a symphony in high-fidelity sound OR a movie at TV quality 20 Gigabytes = A good collection of the works of Beethoven OR5 Exabyte tapes ORa VHS tape used for digital data 50 Gigabytes = A floor of books OR hundreds of g-track tapes 500 Gigabytes = The biggest FTP (file transfer protocol) site 1999 2¢ PER GIGABYTE TERABYTE 2000. (1,000,000,000,0o0 bytes OR 10 bytes) $19.73 1 Terabyte = 50,000 trees made into paper and printed 2 Terabytes = An academic research library 10 Terabytes = The printed collection of the US Library of Congress 400 Terabytes = National Climactic Data Center (NOAA) database 2005 71.9¢ 2007. 31¢ PETABΥΤΕ World's first TB hard drive (1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes OR 105 bytes) 1 Petabyte = 3 years of EOS data (2001) 2 Petabytes = All US academic research libraries 8 Petabytes = All information available on the Web 20 Petabytes = Production of hard-disk drives in 1995 200 Petabytes = All printed material OR production of digital released 2010 8¢ World's first 3TB hard drive released magnetic tape in 1995 -A FILE SIZE OF - ΕΧΑΒΥΤΕ 1 GIGABYTE hello! CAN ALSO BE EXPRESSED AS (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes OR 1018 bytes) 2 Exabytes = Total volume of information generated worldwide annually 5 Exabytes = All words ever spoken by human beings. BOKJOUR! hola! 8,589,934592 bits 1,073,741,824 bytes 1,048,576 kilobytes ZETTABYTE 1,024 megabytes 1 gigabyte (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,00o bytes OR 102" bytes) Too big for any application (as of now) 0.0009765625 terabytes YOTTABYTE 0.0000009536 petabytes (1,000,000,000,0o0,000,000,000,00o bytes OR 1024 bytes) 0.0000000009 exabytes Too big for any application (as of now) YOTABΥTE DATA CITY ZETTABYTE EXABYTE PETABΥΤΕ TERABYTE GIGABYTE MEGABYTE KILOBYTE ΒΥΤΕ BIT II Memory capacity of the brain is between 1-10 terabytes, with a most likely value of 3 terabytes Breakdown of a common, household disc data storages: CD-ROM CDs are divided into 2352 120mm in diameter BYTE CHUNKS CALLED SECTORS READ BY GREEN LASERS DVD DVDS are divided into 2048 SINGLE LAYER SINGLE SIDED - CAN STORE- DOUBLE LAYER DOUBLE SIDED - CAN STORE – BYTE CHUNKS 4.78GB 17GB READ BY RED LASERS CALLED SECTORS BLU-RAY ABOUT 23 HOURS SINGLE LAYER DOUBLE LAYER SINGLE SIDED - CAN STORE - CAN STORE - 50GB of standard-definition (SD) video READ BY BLUE LASERS 25GB on a 50GB blu-ray disc THE FUTURE OF DATA STORAGE Punch Cards Magnetic Tape Cassette Tape Removable Hard Drive 1745 1950's 1963 START HERE Zip Drive Floppy Disk Punched Tape CD Mid 1990's 1982 1971 1966 CLOUD SD Card USB Flash Drive Popularized by MIT Student with Dropbox 2000 2007 THE HOLOGRAM Being developed as you read this.... Hologram storage has the potential to store 1 TB in a one-centimeter hologram. SOURCES html The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture WebpageFX

Data Storage: From Punch Cards To Holograms

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A look at the evolution of data storage, from punch cards to floppy disks to modern SSD and cloud storage.




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