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Data Storage 101

DATA STORAGE IS ON EVERYONE'S MIND. IS IT ON YOURS? FORTY SEVEN PERCENT DATA GROWTH OVER TIME 94% of Enterprises ranked data growth in their top three challenges: 100% 75% 80% 60% And the steady growth of file creation, and 40% 10010 systems to save all of those files, shows no hint of a slowdown. 20% 10100 0% 1010 1986 2000 2007 10010 b0100 10010 *According to Gartner 2010 survey AMOUNT OF DATA STORED DIGITALLY VS. ANALOG HOW MUCH DATA IS BEING STORED DIGITALLY? WHO'S GENERATING IT? ENTERPRISE CONSUMER While 75% of the information in the digital universe is generated by individuals, ΕΧΑΒΥΤES EXABYTES enterprises have some liability for 80% of information in the digital universe at some point in its digital life. AN EXABYTE IS APPROXIMATELY 1 BILLION GIGABYTES. TOO MUCH DATA FOR US TO COMPREHEND! DATA STORAGE BY INDUSTRY EDUCATION 269 PB RETAIL HOW THEY USE DATA WILliams Sonoma uses integrated databases to track information on over d0 milion households to tailor email campaigns garnering nearly 20 times the response rate of non-targeted emais. 364PB PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 411PB SECURITIES/INVESTMENT 429 PB HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS 434 PB HOW THEY USE DATA: Large datasets of patient data help physicians proactivaly identity patients at high risk for cartain disaases to treat or prevent diseases batore llnesses presant. BANKING 619 PB PROCESS MANUFACTURING 694 PB (DIL, AGRICULTURE) COMMUNICATIONS & MEDIA 715PB GOVERNMENT 848 PB DISCRETE MANUFACTURING 966PB (TDYS, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, COMPUTERS, CARSI HOW THEY USE DATA: Creating computer-generated factories to digitally simulate and evaluate machinery. labor, and fixtures neaded for the most efficient n systems. 200 400 600 800 1000 AMOUNT OF DATA (IN PETABYTES) 1 PETABYTE = APPROX. 1 MILLION GIGABYTES DATA STORAGE BY REGION (IN PETABYTES) 3500PB 2000PB 400PB 250PB 300PB 200PB 100PB LATIN AMERICA MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA ASIA PACIFIC CHINA JAPAN EUROPE U.S. & INDIA TYPES OF STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES DAS NAS DIRECT ATTACHED STORAGE NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE (ONE-TO-ONE) Adding an external storage device on to an existing server or PC to extend storage capacity. (ONE-TO-MANY) Makes stored data and files available to multiple users in multiple locations, using different operating systems. EXAMPLES External PC hard drives, portable USBS, thumb drives, zip drives, Exchange servers EXAMPLES File servers, storing media files for web apps, email archiving, content repositories SAN CLOUD STORAGE AREA NETWORKS (ANY-TO-ANY) Makes all starage devices available to any server Dn the network. (MASSES-TO-MASSES) Pooled server resources that house massive data stores in remote data centers able to scale on-demand. EXAMPLES Consolidating and centralizing enterprise storage, supporting interrelated resources, databases and application servers, entry-level virtualization EXAMPLES Serving rich media files, content delivery networks, web hosting, blob storage WHAT TYPE OF STORAGE TECHNOLOGY ARE BUSINESSES USING? % using storage type for 50% or more of storage needs % using for 100% of data storage needs 25% 20% 18% 17% 15% 11% 10% 8% 7% 5% 1% DAS SAN PRIVATE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD TYPE OF STORAGE TECHNOLOGY FIVE QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN CHOOSING A STORAGE PROVIDER 1 Does data encryption exist during the transport and at rest? 2 How quickly can you restore your data? 3 What is your disaster recovery plan? 4 What happens if you need to move your data? 5 Can you guarantee 99.99% or above? THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS IS STORING 235 TERABYTES OF ARCHIVED WEBSITES. 88% OF US INDUSTRIES HAVE MORE DATA THAN THAT! THERE'S A LOT OF IMPORTANT DATA OUT THERE. MAKE SURE YOU STORE YOURS IN A SAFE PLACE! Sources: EMC IDC Big Data, 2011, MGI Big Data Report, 2011 PERCENTAGES USED

Data Storage 101

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