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Data Size Matters

DATA SIZE MATTERS In a world of digital storage, size does matter, but it can be hard to wrap our minds around what each file size really means. Here are some real-life examples: 01 FROM BITS TO YOTTABYTES > BIT » Single Binary Digit (1 or 0) > BYTE » 8 bits I BYTE= MI One character 10 BYTES= One word > KILOBYTE (kB) » 1,000 bytes I KILOBYTE= Short paragraph 2 KILOBYTES= Typewritten page 100 KILOBYTESD Low-resolution photograph MEGABYTE (MB) » 1,000 Kilobytes I MEGABYTE= 2 MEGABYTES= High-resolutic photograph Short novel 5 MEGABYTES= Complete works of Shakespeare 10 MEGABYTES= Digital chest X-ray .... 100 MEGABYTES= Two encyclopedia volumes 700 MEGABYTES= CD-ROM > GIGABYTE (GB) » 1,000 Megabytes I GIGABYTE= 7 minutes of HD-TV Video 4.7 GIGABYTESD Size of a standard DVD-R 20 GIGABYTES3D 100 GIGABYTES= Library floor of academic journals Audio set of the works of Beethoven > TERABYTE (TB) » 1,000 Gigabytes I TERABYTE= 50,000 trees made into paper and printed 10 TERABYTES3D Printed collection of the U. S. Library of Congress > PETABYTE (PB) »1,000 Terabytes I PETABYTE = 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets filled with text 1.5 PETABYTES = All 10 billion photos on Facebook 20 PETABYTES = Daily amount of data processed by Google 50 PETABYTES = Entire written works of mankind, from the beginning of recorded history, in all languages > EXABYTE (EB) » 1,000 Petabytes I EXABYTE = Entire Netflix catalog streamed more than 3,000 times 5 EXABYTE = All the words ever spoken by mankind > ZETTABYTE (ZB) » 1,000 Exabytes I ZETTABYTE = 250 billion DVDS > YOTTABYTE (YB) » 1,000 Zettabytes I YOTTABYTE = Size of the entire World Wide Web; it would take approximately 11 trillion years to download a Yottabyte file from the Internet using high-power broadband. 02 HISTORY OF THE HARD DRIVE Hard drives have increased 50-million-fold in the density of information they can hold since their introduction in 1956: 1956 IBM 305 RAMAC - the first hard drive. HOLDS WEIGHS COSTS PER MEGABYTE 5 MB OF DATA I TON $10,000 SIZE OF TWO REFRIGERATORS » 1963 IBM 1311 - the first removable hard drive. » 1980 IBM 3380 - the first gigabyte hard drive. HOLDS CSTS I GB OF DATA $40,000 Hewlett-Packard C3013A 1992 Kitty Hawk - the first to break 2 GB barrier. 32 SanDisk CompactFlash HOLDS 2.1 GB OF DATA » 1997 IBM Deskstar 16GP Titan - the first drive to use GMR (giant magnetoresistive) heads. HOLDS 16.8 GB OF DATA » 1998 IBM Microdrive - the smallest- sized hard drive to date. HOLDS 340 MB OF DATA 2006 Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Toshiba MK2001MTN » 2004 - the first 0.85-inch hard drive. HOLDS HOLDS 2 GB OF DATA 750 GB OF DATA » 2007 Hitachi GST Deskstar 7K1000 the first hard drive to break the 1 HOLDS I TB OF DATA TB capacity mark. 2011-2012 All three major hard drive makers - Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba - start shipping 4 TB hard drives. Seagate Ultra Mobile 2013 HDD - 500 GB for tablets HOLDS SIZE 500 GB 2.5 INCHES ADATA DashDrive Air AE800 - a 500 GB wireless hard drive/ » 2013 hotspot/ power bank for multiple mobile devices. HOLDS 500 GB OF DATA 03 THE FUTURE OF THE HARD DRIVE As the need for high-capacity storage increases, scientists are trying to find ways to fit more hard drive platters into the same space, increasing the amount of information that can be stored on a single drive. > NEW HARD DRIVE TECHNOLOGIES HELIUM-FILLED DRIVES Removes the friction and fluttering of platters as they spin at high speed, allowing drives to fit more platters in a given space. SHINGLED MAGNETIC RECORDING (SMR) The tracks of a drive overlap like shingles on a roof, allowing a hard drive to have more tracks (and thus, more data). *****......... ........................... HEAT-ASSISTED MAGNETIC RECORDING (HAMR) Allows data to be written more compactly by raising the temperature of the material that can be read by a magnetic field. » 2013 Western Digital experiments with helium-filled drives, which could offer a capacity of 5.6 TB » 2014 Seagate's SMR technology is predicted to allow hard drives to reach capacities of 5 TB » 2020 Seagate's HAMR technology is predicted to allow hard drives to | reach capacities of 20 TB Berkeley School of Information tChart.html datascience@berkeley -tablets-blurs-pc-lines-7000020403/ drive-air-ae800-wireless-hard-drive-and-power-bank.html tech-will-help-seagate-crack-5tb- barrier-in-2014-20tb-in- 2020.html filled_WD_drives_promise_huge_boost_in_capacity ssisted-magnetic-recordings-storage-technology

Data Size Matters

shared by BerkeleyData on Nov 07
KB, MB, GB…these are all measurements we understand. But how much is a 'terabyte'? How many DVDs would fill a zettabyte? And what on earth is a yottabyte? Check out datascience@berkeley's infographi...


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